Celebrate Shark Week with the South Carolina Aquarium

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Mac Kilduff is a perpetual intern, photographer, foodie, and lover of all things classy, especially when they’re free. This Philly, PA native moved to the Lowountry to take in all of the culture Charleston has to offer while practicing his photography at Charleston magazine. With no end to his adventures in sight, he plans on keeping his home amongst the palmettos, hoping his wallet can support his love for the Holy City food scene.







Shark Week is nearly a national holiday, but Charleston likes to put its own Lowcountry spin on things. The South Carolina Aquarium celebrates its own Shark Week from August 1st through the 10th, where guests can participate in shark-themed events and shows, as well as "marvel at 13 sharks which call the Great Ocean Tank home.” But no Charleston event would be complete without a kick-off party like Thursday’s “Dark Blue.”

The aquarium’s main hall welcomed guests to get some libations and enjoy live music and hors d’oeuvres from some of Charleston’s top food destinations. More of an excuse to have a drink while walking through the aquarium, the event was guest-centric, fun, and laid back. The filled halls echoed from the sounds of local bands such as Moxie, who belted out some spot-on covers to welcome the crowds, while Jordan Igoe and Brave Baby kept attendees around and having fun.

The fare was advertised as hors d’oeuvres, but each table could have been considered a filling meal. Charleston Harbor Fish House had some quick bites with pickled shrimp, lime, cilantro, serrano pepper, and champagned vinegar served on a vegetable crisp, as well as a soft eggroll that hit the palette just right. Victory Social Club shined with a petite lobster roll that would probably put Maine restaurants to shame (sorry, Maine, don’t hate me). But High Cotton’s crispy fried tile fish taco with purple cabbage slaw made me remember why I love the food in this town. The fish was perfectly fried, and what I can only think to call a curried slaw lended itself to the mastery the Maverick Bar and Grill has over its culinary experience for patrons.

Charleston has a way of celebrating its culture and events in ways I haven’t seen anywhere else. The party scene in this town never falls short and the Dark Blue kick-off party is just a testament to that.


Photos by Mac Kilduff.