Cavortress' Survival Guide to Bonnaroo (or Any Other Music Fest)

Ayoka Lucas


Cavortress is no stranger to music festivals, having attended some of the larger known mudpit, dustbowl, sweatfests such as Woodstock 1999, the very first Coachella, Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, and the last three SXSW events.


If you’re heading to Manchester, TN, this weekend for Bonnaroo’s 2013 event, Charleston designer and stylist Julie Wheat (maybe better known as Cavortress) recommends that you bring the following in order to survive:


1. Water. Lots… of your own.
2. Suntan lotion.
3. Sneakers. There is a lot of walking at Bonnaroo…. and in the dirt and grass.
4. Another pair of sneakers. The first ones will probably get wrecked. So will these.
5. Boots. You never know if it’s going to get muddy, or if both sneakers will give out.
6. Flipflops. For the pseudo-showers, or if your sneakers and boots give out.
7. Swimsuit. Also for the pseudo-showers, and because it’s very hot and there is minimal shade.
8. Cash. The ATM fees will bleed you dry, and we’ve actually seen them run out of money.


This is a very basic list; however, when it comes to wardrobe, we DO recommend that anything goes.


The survivalist spirit of Bonnaroo puts a unique spin on what people choose to wear, but the bottom line is that this dance-tastic four-day event is a temporary public where strangers become friends and in which everyone is there for the same reason—to have fun!


Remember that dance costume you wore in junior high?

«The one with the sequin headband, fringe sleeves, and skirt?»


Fellas, have you secretly yearned to go shirtless at a concert?

«Well it’s time to rip that baby off and let your freak flag fly!»


Where are my adult Harry Potter fans?

«You know you’ve fantasize about rocking a cape at least once, don’t deny it!»


Bonnaroo is your time to forget about what people will think and just go for it. Don’t think twice!



This week Cavortress and crew will be heading to Manchester, TN to vend at Bonnaroo. If you are heading to the hoedown this week be sure to look for the pink, black and silver flag!



Cavortress will have vintage clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, dance costumes, and even a few things they made.



Don’t miss it and stay tuned for Cavortress guest post on Bonnaroo street style!