Cavortress Recaps Bonaroo Street Style

Ayoka Lucas

By Julie Wheat


The four-day Bonnaroo weekend brought people from all over the country (and world) to see diverse legendary acts that included Sir Paul McCartney, Bjork, R. Kelly, WuTang Clan, Billy Idol, DJ Jazzy Jeff, ZZ Top, all on the 2013 bill. Bonnaroo becomes a city, or rather a society for one week in June on the eve of the summer solstice. For many, Bonnaroo is the first stop after graduating high school, college, or as an annual vacation that launches summer into full swing. Unlike festivals such as Coachella, where hotel rooms are nearby, Bonnaroo takes place in rural Tennessee where modern essentials are 60+ miles away. The survivalist element of Bonnaroo puts a unique spin on what people choose to wear. We took time out from our busy vending and music-going schedule to snag a few pictures of the People of Bonnaroo and what they were wearing. 



Hello America, hello SUMMER!



American inspired garb. 


The American red-white-n-blue style was one of the most popular style trends at Bonnaroo. We loved these four because the ladies were sporting something 'spangled' and bathing suit tops.  Note the gal with pigtails camouflage backpack and blue bandanna with teensy red hearts.



Many people were sporting 80s garb in honor of DJ Jazzy Jeff who was spinning at the Silent Disco. The line to get in to the 200-person 'club' was at least 1,000 people deep and these peeps were heading in at 5pm to get in line early. We love the authentic high-top Reeboks, and the straw cowboy hat with neon running shorts and dock shoes. After all, Bonnaroo IS a farm.



As fore mentioned, Bonnaroo grounds used to be an operating farm. There were scatterings of cowboy boots here and there, and a few straw hats but the most obvious recurring theme (and requested item in our booth) was overalls.




The farm is on a very open piece of land and you may have to walk 1.5 hours or more just to get to the venue. It can rain at a moment's notice. You can't bring water in with you. This is the perfect day look for the Bonnaroo soldier-ess of one. She has everything she needs to brave the day and see all music:


Water camel equipped with schedule, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt, rain poncho, flip-flops, phone power cord, and towel inside.


Floppy hat



Belly bag for easy access to money, phone, etc.



This gal had an evening approach to day tripping to the venue. Shows run sometimes until 5 in the AM and it can get down to 60 degrees there. For this, the coonskin hat is essential.


And there it is... God Bless America!