Can Someone Please Tell K-Mart Summer's Not Over Yet?

Instant Grit

I'm sure you've noticed. Of course you have. The KMart commercials with kids breakdancing in the street because school's about to start (my school bus is my limo, my school bus is my limo... really? You're THAT excited to go back to school? Give me a break), and all the summer clothes slapped with sale tags and kicked to the back of the store. That's because....


It's July 31. Which means a bell rang somewhere to signals merchandisers everywhere to begin convincing US summer's over. 


As in, thanks for playing, it was fun, we'll do this again sometime, but if you don't mind, go ahead and go back to being a productive member of society. In fall clothes, please and thank you.


Um, no thanks. We live in Charleston, which means it's still going to be 192 degrees for another six weeks. Maybe eight. Hell, we might even be ripping off our Halloween masks to press a block of ice to our foreheads. Take that, GapKids.


In the spirit of "It's still hot, it's still summer, and we there's no reason to go back to being contributing members of society," here are five summer-sweet things it's not too late for...


{ 1. Drinking a ton of Rosé. } It is, it's still Rosé season. Try this one. 



{ 2. Renting a cabin in the mountains. } Exit. Drive off. Find something else to do besides what you usually do. We like this cabin in Bryson City...


Great Smokies


...Or this one just outside of Cashiers.






{ 3. Jumping in the lake. } Nobody does that in the fall or even the spring, it might not even be legal. But right now, the water should be just right. This writer will be jumping in this one in a little over a week... 


Lake Ontario by Jule Beilein


{ 4. Hitting the college bars before the college students get back. } Rarebit is a good one that teeters between grown-up and coed-ed out.


Charleston Scene


{ 4. Embracing the power of the pool. }









Or screw the pool...