Cameran Eubanks Spills Her Purse: Her Take On Southern Beauty

Andrew C. Petersen

I have many fond memories with Cam. She has everything a girl wants and she’s freaking gorgeous, with the confidence that you can only see on Law and Order SVU, when Alex, the DA, came back (thank God!). Cam's sense of humor is by far the best part of her in my eyes, she is so sharp, dead on, and holy shit, she is quick.


I will never forget the first day that Cameran came into Saks for an interview, I traveled so much so it must have been destiny that we met.  The department manager showed her what was available, and I swear to God that she looked over at me and simply said, "I want to work with that bitch."  And so it began! We worked our behinds off but still had fun. I remember one day I was complaining that the Ensure I was drinking always made feel sick, and lo and behold she had the same experience.  We then had the most ridiculous conversation with whoever answered the 800-number that we called on the bottle.


Another great memory is when I had the strangest day of my life with Cam one evening at Rue de John.  This man asked both of us out on the same night, and two hours of awkwardness ensued. I may be chubby every once in a while, but come on I could never compete with this skinny and gorgeous bitch.


I was so sad when she moved away, I missed our talks about celebrities and people we idolize who look so different in real life without makeup and Photoshop. There is one actress in particular that is spoiled for me thanks to Cam... I will never forget the story she told me of the gigantic foot on this young woman. Apparently she can hit the slopes of Aspen without the proper equipment, and swoosh pass the finish in no time flat! It was all in good fun.


At the end of the day we really just picked on each other and tried to figure out where her mother got her hands on cases of Tab. I mean I have not seen or heard of the soda in years, and I truly want to know where it comes from. Can you get in trouble taking across state lines?                            


Enough small talk, let's get down to the nitty gritty!


Being a makeup artist in the South has certainly caused me change up my kit with new products and tools to beat the heat. Now I wanted to hear from a true Southern woman how to treat the skin, perfect your complexion, and ask about a few must-haves.


Before we go any further, I just need to change my name back to Andy, that's only for my mother and Cameran to use, and being referred to as Andrew would take away from the authenticity.


Alright ladies listen up as I share the scoop!



ACP: What is one product you cannot live without?

CE: Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara. I've never found one I like better and I've tried them all. Sometimes I even sleep in it.


ACP: What is one product that you splurge on:?

CE: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


ACP: One home beauty recipe:

CE: Please Andy! I'm not mixing anything from my kitchen to put on my face. It doesn't work. I don't care how many articles you read. You need active ingredients to see results.

ACP: What lip color is signature for a Southern girl?

CE: Duh! Pink! 


ACP: Do Southern men prefer their girls dolled up?

CE: My husband says he likes me best barefaced, but I'd like to see his reaction if I actually went somewhere in public without a stitch of makeup on. 

ACP: What is your favorite memory of makeup or perfume?

CE: My mother used to wear Joy perfume. Whenever I smell it, it reminds me of her. Also, I'll never forget my first lipstick I bought in the fifth grade: Clinique Honey Gloss. I loved that color and I still wear it sometimes.


ACP: What do you use to beat the heat?

CE: I go indoors. Also lots of deodorant. I sweat like a man. It's not cute.

ACP: What nail color are you wearing right now?

CE: A hot pink gel manicure. It's a little trashy and I like it!


This is exactly what I like about Cam, she shoots from the hip baby! And her favorite memories of beauty are so touching. I do have to say the Mrs. Cameran Eubanks NEVER removes her mascara. She swears that it protects her lashes.  I say whatever floats your boat doll, I am just curious if her pillowcases look like Liza Minnelli's must after tying one on and collapsing into bed, false lashes and all!


Thank you so much Cameran, for being you. For being a good friend and modeling for my lip glosses after a night of debauchery. You made it to Mt. Pleasant on time, minus shoes, but full of spirit and spunk. If I remember dammit, we got the shot within the first five clicks of the camera and you looked stunning, just as you do whenever I see you. I am glad that we crossed paths in life and I look forward to having many more laughs together! Oh, you can put your stuff back in your purse honey, wink wink!






Photos courtesy of Andrew C. Petersen