Brush Basics: Part 2

Andrew C. Petersen

So we’ve talked about how brushes are just as important (if not more!) than makeup itself when it comes to achieving a perfect application. Now it’s time to throw out those dirty, disgusting pads that come with your foundation and powder and invest in the brushes below. You will get a better application, the product will last longer, and you will not keep introducing oil and bacteria to your skin.


The Must-Have Brushes Are:

1. Powder Brush

2. Bronzer Brush

3. Blush Brush

4. All-over Shadow Brush

5. Eye Crease Brush

6. Eyeliner Brush

7. Concealer brush


Optional (but important!) Brushes Include:

1. Foundation Brush

2. Highlighter Brush

3. Eyebrow brush


*ACP Tip: The thicker and denser the brush is, the more color it will apply; looser brushes will give you just a kiss of the product.*


Breaking It Down:


My favorite powder brushes to invest in are those by Trish McEvoy (pictured below) and Muse. For those of you who are a little more budget-conscious, I would recommend Sonia Kashuk.


(Trish McEvoy)



A bronzer brush is so important to get that perfect sun-kissed glow. I recommend investing in a Laura Mercier bronzer brusher, which has a shorter handle and helps apply the perfect amount of product.





Blush brushes come in round shapes, flat shapes, and slanted shapes—choose whichever you prefer. All of the brands above make perfect blush brushes and, like powder brushes, I would recommend a natural haired brush such as blue squirrel which feels so good against the skin and gives the perfect write-off of color.  





All-over eyeshadow brushes are used to apply the light color over the entire lid. Laura Mercier's all-over brush and Trish McEvoy's “Brush 21” (below) both give a smooth application and will last you a lifetime. For the crease, I love a ponytail brush that sweeps the color back and forth in the crease. I recommend the Sonia Kashuk or Esum brushes for this.  


(Blue Mercury



Because you are using them with wet product, concealer and foundation brushes should be synthetic, which makes them easier to wash. A concealer brush is important because the eye area is so gentle that you don't want to apply too much pressure, and a sponge will absorb and not waste the product. I love the Esum’s concealer and foundation brushes (foundation brush pictured below)—you will get an airbrushed look without having to use an airbrush machine.


(Whip Hand Cosmetics)



Eyeliner brushes allow you to apply a powder or gel liner—so important since these liners stay on the lid much longer than pencil. I adore Trish McEvoy who started this trend and will go to my grave using her "Brush 11" (pictured below) to give the perfect line.  





For highlighting the cheeks and brow bone, I like using a fan brush by Pink Dot Beauty, which applies the perfect amount of shimmer. As for a brow brush, I would not go without my Vanity Mark brush which will make applying color to your brows as easy as 1-2-3.


(Cherry Culture)


And there you have it, my dears—the brushes that you will find in my very own makeup kit. You can find some really good brushes at Target, but I suggest that you wait until the holidays or your birthday and ask for the little treasures mentioned above! Remember, a good brush (which should have a warranty and last you a lifetime) is an investment and you are well worth it. So go for it, girlfriend—get out your brushes and be your own artist... I know that you can paint the perfect canvas and now that you know which tools to have, you will believe it, too. I cannot wait to hear your success stories!!