Cirque Du Soleil is off touring for their new show, OVO!

What's Black and White and Red All over?

As an African Studies enthusiast, I learned a long time ago that the overwhelming majority of enslaved people brought from Africa during the Trans Atlantic Slave trade ended up in Hispanic colonies throughout the Caribbean and South America. So for me, Hispanic Heritage Month represents another opportunity to celebrate and uplift black history on a national scale, similarly to how it’s done in February for African American History.

Cocktail classes at Edmund's Oast offered up delicious summer libations - and lots of 'em. Take a look at our recap, and then try a class out for yourself.

Even though the coach for the American team in today's start of the World Cup has his doubts, the word "Can't" is at the top of the list that aren't in an American's vocabulary. "USA! USA! USA!"

Installment 10 of 11 in the Ben Flajnik Trainwreck series