Blue Man Suit


Mike Grady

26 years old

Freelance Wardrobe Stylist, Assistant Army Wives Costume Buyer, Billy Reid Salesman

Resides in Downtown Charleston


All clothing by Billy Reid


Sooner or later, most guys who are new to learning about style always end up having the same question: "What kind of suit do I need?" Answer... a two-button navy blue suit. Why? Oh, let me count the occassions and places it's perfect for: job interviews, first dates, five-star restaurants, weddings, funerals, white-collar jobs, etc. You can even break it up and just wear the blazer with some jeans or some khaki chinos. Or you can, of course, wear the pants on their own. The moral of the story is, when in doubt, go blue. 


The fit: Keep it slim. Try to find a jacket with a lower button stance that will naturally create a slimming "V"-shape. And with the trousers, there should be very little to no break. I would say if you're in the office, go for a slight break. But if you're in the creative field, flash some ankle (like Mike is doing above). 


Other considerations: A navy blue suit is great because it's just like a blank canvas. You can pair it up with just about any shirt and tie combo you can think of. But there is one pairing that should stay consistent: unless you're going to a funeral, keep the shoes brown. It will always look better. Trust me. 


So there you have it. So easy even a caveman can do it. Get a blue suit.