BevCon returns to Charleston: August 22nd-24th, 2017

Robin Gibson

 "There can not be good living where there is not good drinking." -Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin would be proud. Everything good about living and drinking will be on display in two weeks at BevCon. Bevcon runs August 22-24, 2017.


The two-year old event focused solely on the B side of F&B makes it hotly-anticipated return to Charleston one day after the city's epic eclipse.


Which, is, perhaps, an appropriate opener for the best and brightest the beverage world has to offer.


If you're over 21, work in the industry, and want to attend, you're in luck.


Access Passes remain available and are all-inclusive for the 3-day conference.


(Image from BevCon Charleston)


 Please note, tickets to individual events and parties cannot be sold.


 Sip from the cup that runneth over with liquid knowledge and enlighten yourself at this year's BevCon. You'll be glad you did.   


  BevCon begins Tuesday, August 22nd and runs through the finale Thursday, August 23rd.


 The top-shelf event is a virtual Who's Who of those who make it, bottle it, sell it, drink it, mix it, promote it, and write about it.


(Image from BevCon Charleston)


To learn more about BevCon, buy tickets or want to see last years pics, click here.