The Best of New York Fashion Week: Mens' Runway Looks 2013

The Best of New York Fashion Week: Mens' Runway Looks 2013

It's a wrap for another New York Fashion Week. Here are my picks for the best men's looks from this year's runway, including faves like Michael Bastian, Billy Reid, and Ovadia & Sons

So another New York Fashion Week has come to a close. I took the liberty of scanning through roughly 45 or so menswear collections to give you guys what I believe to be the top 10 looks of the week. In no particular order, here they are...


(All Photos Courtesy of GQ & Esquire)


1. Billy Reid


Reigning Menswear Designer of the Year Billy Reid didn't miss a beat with this collection. It was very difficult trying to choose looks from this show because the were all so solid. I finally narrowed it down to this one because of the use of browns, a color that I normally avoid because it would just wash me out. But on lighter people, it can be magical. 


2. David Hart


David Hart, a designer I'd honestly never heard of before this week killed it with this green shawl-collar tux jacket. Over the past two years, as many have been swapping out the black tux jackets for navy, I thought, "I wonder how a deep green would look." Looks like me and this guy were on the same page.



 3. J. Crew


J. Crew typically does textured cardigans very well. And this is no exception. The heavyweight trousers and perfect-shade-of brown boots make this a very solid look.


4. Michael Bastian


So this season Michael Bastian, whom I might add is my absolute favorite designer, took a complete left turn from his preppy New England aesthetic. He took inspiration from the dark and somber paintings of Andrew Wyeth. This is the most I've ever seen him use black. I personally don't incorporate much black in my wardrobe, but I must say, this show goes a long way in adjusting my views of it.



 5. Ovadia & Sons


Ovadia & Sons have a thing for the Black Watch pattern and it shows with this oversized shawl scarf thingy going on here. And the pattern mixing with a different plaid on the suit is genius.


6. Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger continues the strong run he's had over the past few years with a predominately plaid collection. This look made the best use of it, in my opinion. Looks to be fully lined with the fur, allowing you to not have to dress so heavily underneath it. Neat little "racing stripe" along the center of the sweater I found to be clever. 


7. Nautica


This greyed-out look from Nautica was a smash for me. This is for the sharpest guy at the Aspen ski lodge. 


8. Michael Bastian


Another solid look from the Michael Bastian show. This is more along the lines of what I'm used to seeing from my favorite designer. Great use of colors and a good mix of fabrics.


9. Ovadia & Sons


When I came across this look, my jaw dropped. The apparently brown houndstooth peacoat took my breath away. And the green trousers hit the nail on the head. 


10. Nautica


This look made the list because of the great use of the spring-colored pants in a winter look. Toggle coats are trending, and the blue fur provides an awesome contrast and pop. 


Honorable Mention: Billy Reid


OK so this is number 11. It was the top womenswear look of the predominantly menswear shows. I think the florals and the shear sleeves are a nice touch. This just goes to show that the reigning Menswear Designer of the Year knows a thing or two about Womenswear as well. 


So there you have it. My Top 10 for the Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week. Feel free to comment below and share which one you think is the best out of these. And stay tuned next week for my "Best of the Rest" list for the looks that weren't quite strong enough to make the top 10 but had some real strong singular pieces.