Beauty Buys on a Budget

I'm still squirreling away nickels and dimes so I can afford the splurges, but guess what? Pretty doesn't always mean pricey.


I've got a good budget tip for you, ladies, so listen up. Since bronzer will never be in the same category as groceries when it comes to budgeting for "must haves," here's a good rule of thumb for keeping your cosmetics stash up to date. Save your cash for the mainstays—foundation, concealer, good mascara. But troll the aisles of Ulta or Target (pronounced Tar-jay of course!) when you spot a trend you want to try out. Shimmery Shiny Neon Metallic Glitter-you've seen all these. And while these trends have their place in the beauty world, it's not necessary (or advised) to sink big bucks into a look that's only going to be relevant for a couple of months. Brands like Wet N' Wild will do the trick; I like L'Oreal for products that on trend and don't cost a fortune; or try out the HiP (High Intensity Pigment) line. The latter has lots of fun eye shadows and lip colors that will keep you up to date and cost as little as $6.   




Or... Got a favorite budget buy of your own? Let me know! I'd love to hear what's working for your beauty routine and your bottom line.