The #BachelorBreakdown: WEEK 7

Molly Wickham



Last week we watched Nick tell a total of six gals goodbye. He ended the episode unsure if he even wanted to continue on this journey of finding love. What will happen this week?


We see an emotional Nick talking with fearless leader Chris Harrison about what he’s going to do. Does he want to continue the relationships he has already established with the girls that are left or does he want to just call it quits?

Nick meets with all the girls and talks about how scared he was after he sent Danielle L. home. Although he’s been having some doubts the last twelve hours on if he wants to continue the journey, he tells the girls that he’s… commercial break. #@*! Ok, we’re back. He’s been doing a lot of thinking despite the tough week and he sees the strength in the room and wants to continue to find love. Shocker, since we still have another month of TV time left.  

Since he’s already sent three girls home since the last rose ceremony, he cancels this week’s cocktail party and rose ceremony and says peace out St. Thomas, hello Bimini. Naturally, the island of Bimini is beautiful and all the girls think this is the perfect place to fall in love. Spoiler- for once they aren’t staying at a Marriott. The first day in Bimini, and there’s a one-on-one date card.

Vanessa gets her second one-on-one date, which pisses Corinne off because she hasn’t even had a one-on-one yet. Which is so weird, because I feel like she’s constantly alone with him.

Vanessa and Nick sail off on a yacht where they spend the first part of the ride just talking about how emotional he was after the two-on-one date. They run into an abandoned ship, so of course they jump in the water and swim over to it. Am I the only person who’s ever heard of sharks? Like how are they so willing to just jump into the water with no precaution? And then they start kissing under water. How are they not drowning? I seriously have so many questions about this date. Vanessa finally feels this is the right time to tell Nick she is falling in love with him. He actually seems happy, until he gives her a speech on how the next time he tells someone “I love you” he wants it to feel like the first time he’s ever said it. Vanessa is not pleased with this answer. He mumbles on and on and I honestly can’t tell if he’s trying to say he likes her or if he’s sending her home. We cut to commercial with no clue if he gives Vanessa a rose or sends her home.

Back at the villa, Corinne and Rachel talk crap about Vanessa and Nick on their date and Corinne just doesn’t think Vanessa has much depth to her. Lol, ok. Another date card arrives and all we hear is how Corinne wants this one-on-one. Welp, it’s just another group date card for Corinne, Kristina, and Raven.

Since Corinne is still annoyed about being on the group date, she claims that she is going to rock this date because she’s the queen of group dates (she’s been on a million of them). Once they’re aboard the yacht, Corinne starts off the date by stripping down to her bikini followed by the other two girls each stripping down one by one. Awkward that they each had to do it one by one and not all at the same time. Nick tells the girls they are going to be snorkeling with some wildlife in the sea and that includes sharks. Hell. No. While Kristina and Corinne are freaking out about swimming with the sharks, badass Raven is telling the cameras she’ll punch one in the face if it comes near her. After swimming for “4 miles” as Corinne says, Kristina gets scared after seeing like five sharks and gets back on the boat. Basically she’s the only sane one left on this group date. Most of the date consists of Corinne whining because she’s not getting Nick’s full attention and their relationship is fading away. I wonder what she’ll do to get his attention back?

During the cocktail portion of the date, Nick grabs Kristina to start off the conversations. He tells us since their one-on-one date, he’s definitely started to really like her and where their relationship is going. Nothing else too exciting happens on this date other than we learn Raven calls her dad ‘daddy’ and Corinne got the confirmation she needed that Nick likes her enough to keep her around a little longer. Oh, and the reason why Vanessa didn’t get a rose on her date earlier is because there is only one rose given this week and it went to Raven on this date. Which means Raven has a secured spot for next week’s hometown dates. She’s in the final four, people! Go Raven! She was actually the only one on this date who didn’t complain or compete for more time with Nick. What a chill girl.

On to Nick and Danielle’s date. They meet up on the beach and hop on some bikes strolling down the streets of Bimini. They eat lunch, goof off while shopping, and play a little street ball where they literally get schooled by some local kids. Then for some reason they start randomly dancing in the middle of a parking lot. Why? And that’s just the beginning of when things get really uncomfortable. They start talking about hometown dates and how Danielle has been thinking about taking Nick to her cabin in Wisconsin and the convo just gets painfully awkward. They can’t find anything to talk about, so the conversation just feels forced. I’m slowly, but surely getting to the point where I don’t like her.


What is wrong with me?


But Nick seems to like her and the fact that they’re both two Wisconsin kids. Mehh, I just don’t see her getting a rose for next week’s hometowns. Like all the other girls on the show, she opens up about how much she likes him and America knows what’s coming up next. She gone. Nick tells her that he just doesn’t see a future with her and sends her home. My bracket’s last chance of survival. Danielle returns back to the house to pack all of her things and the additional fours girls left start freaking out about how they could be sent home next when…

Ya know how earlier Corinne was all like “I’m not in the spotlight” and I was like “what’s she going to do?” Well, in order for her to make sure she has a secured hometown date she takes a play right out of Nick’s playbook and sneaks over to his hotel room. I’m not going to go into detail about what’s happening, but thankfully Nick stops whatever is going on behind those closed doors. Nick kicks Corinne out of his room and we get to watch her do the walk of shame in heels that are way too high for her.  

Next date goes to Rachel, who’s actually excited for her one-on-one. Am I the only one who realizes every person he goes on a one-on-one with gets sent home? Just curious. They head to a location on the island that is only for locals. Perfect, since neither of them are locals. But their date is super chill and consists of hanging, talking, and drinking. Not much more to report on other than he likes her. I’m calling it now that she gets a rose tonight and moves on to hometown dates.

Later on, after his date with Rachel, Nick meets with Chris Harrison to discuss what he’s thinking about going into the hometowns. Nick already knows who he wants to send home despite spending more time with them during tonight’s cocktail party and wants to talk to her as soon as possible to break up with her privately. We see Corinne and Raven talking in the girl’s living room when in walks Nick. We assume he’s going to talk to Corinne, but instead asks for Kristina. WHATTT!?!? I think she picks up on what’s going on and my heart is slowly breaking a little for her. I thought he really liked her based on their previous time together and literally what he told her? She doesn’t take the breakup well, and literally tells him, “he’s letting her down.” She hugs him goodbye and heads back inside to pack up her things.

Although we don’t actually know if roses are handed out to the final four girls, as of now the hometown dates will go to Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, and for some unknown reason, Corinne. UNTIL we get a preview of next week’s episode where a brunette someone shows back up to give Nick a piece of her mind. Will it be Danielle L? Andi Dorfman? Will he give her a rose instead? Will he cancel on the hometown dates? The suspense of not knowing for an entire week is literally going to drive me crazy.

The drama continues…