The #BachelorBreakdown: WEEK 2

Molly Wickham




Week 2 is where the show starts to get good. The episode where people start to fall in love so to speak, the first date card episode.


Date 1: Always a bridesmaid…

In true Bachelor fashion, we’re given an awkward, cheesy group date of all the girls dressing up as character brides where Nick plays the character groom during a photoshoot. As if this isn’t already an awkward scenario, we find out that there isn’t enough wedding dresses for all of the girls, four of them will have to be bridesmaids. Ouch.


Here come the brides!


We have brides of all kinds; the Vegas bride, the 80’s bride accompanied by three 80’s bridesmaids, the shotgun bride featuring Left Shark (Dolphin?), the biker bride, the traditional bride with one bridesmaid (even more awkward), the beach bride, and the Adam and Eve bride.


Spoiler alert. The entire group date is centered on Corinne regardless that it’s just that, a group date.


Of course Corinne thinks she’s Nick’s top pick because she kissed him on the first night , her name was first on the date card, and because she was given a bikini to wear instead of a wedding dress since she was “beach bride. Corinne is this season’s Olivia. Too much confidence right out of the gate.


 After all the girls get their bridal attire on, Corinne takes note that she’s  “the hottest bride”. As if the producers couldn’t have timed it any better, in walks Brittany, the Adam and Eve bride. The girl is literally in bikini bottoms made out of leaves.  How do you top the girl who is the Eve bride? One would think you can’t. Unless you’re Corinne, in which you take your bikini top off in the middle of the photoshoot. That’s how you top the Eve bride.


Although all of the girls “connected” with Nick on this group date, only one can be the winner of the photoshoot, and that girl is Corinne. Nick looks like he would rather go on a date with Andi or Kaitlyn than spend any more time with Corinne.


We cut to the more formal part of the group date, some one-on-one time with Nick while the other girls sit in a circle chatting about how much they like him. Like clockwork, Corinne starts off the night by stealing Nick for a sec. The girls are already insulted by Corinne and her aggressive actions, and it’s only night two.


A couple of the other girls that I honestly can’t even remember their names get some one-on-one time where apparently they don’t talk, only kiss. I expect nothing less from Nick.


Raven steals him for a sec and there is actually a legit conversation that takes place instead of just kissing. I’m shocked. Are the producers trying to show us that this girl and Nick might be connecting on a deeper level?

And then Corinne shows back up. Is this what the rest of the season is going to be like?

Nick strikes up another conversation with Taylor—the girl who I think might be way too smart for him—when guess who shows BACK up. Like, Corinne, get out. She has literally interrupted multiple people, but then has the nerve to complain because someone came in and interrupted her time with Nick? 

Wait, what?


It’s the end of the night and I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or what, but Corinne feels the need to make a big speech about how she’s only here for Nick, not friends. She goes on and on about how it’s going to get weird and people are going to interrupt your one-on-one time and you cant get offended. Every girl hearing this speech on how to act while on the show looks as if they’re ready to quit the show so they don’t have to hear her talk anymore. I feel the same.


Long story short, group date rose #1 goes to Corinne. Yuck. Ok, I hope I’m done with talking about her for the night.

We’re brought back to the Liz/Nick hookup when the girls back at the mansion are all talking about how there has already been a first kiss. Of course, Liz is all sly smiling like “yeah, it happened nine months ago”. Something is up with this plot line.



Date 2: One-on-one date…

Next date card arrives back at the mansion and Danielle M. gets the one-on-one date. (YES!) She’s one of my favorites.

They’re whisked away in a helicopter down the west coast to Newport Beach, where they land their helicopter literally on a yacht. Casual first date. They spend the day cruising around the Pacific Ocean and then attend a romantic date where they actually talk instead of kiss the entire time. Nick gets serious telling Danielle M. about his past journeys on The Bachelorette. Way to lay it all out there, Nick. Danielle doesn’t hold back either. She tells Nick that she has been in similar situation of losing love and confesses she was once engaged herself. I love that Nick sounds so supportive and interested, but it’s Nick and I’m hesitant about his intentions.

Date rose #2 goes to Danielle M. (YES!) They finish off their date on a Ferris wheel. I mean her day date was amazing, her black jumpsuit is amazing, and now she’s on a Ferris wheel? Not fair.

While this one on-one-date is taking place, Liz has confessed her secret to house gal pal, Christen. Why she is confessing this to someone who is literally dating the same guy is beyond me. Liz doesn’t want anyone to know, but tells someone? Is she trying to make other girls jealous? I just don’t get her tactics. This is primetime family night television, you just don’t go telling everyone your business unless you have a hidden agenda.



Date #3: We need to talk…

The group is taken to a relationship breakup museum that’s filled with old letftover items from random people’s past relationships. Nick mentions he has even left a little memento from one of his past relationships. The girls stumble upon a dried up red rose and an (almost) engagement ring. I’m sure Neil Lane is loving that. Everyone is disrupted by what seems to be a couple breaking up in the breakup museum. What a coincidence!

The girls learn they aren’t here just to look at old relationship junk, but they actually get to act out an art of communicating by breaking up with Nick. As if we haven’t already seen enough people break up with Nick on national television, now we get to see six more do it.

Each girl has an okay breakup. They’re all trying to be serious, but laugh instead. Not the greatest television date.

But then it’s Liz’s turn and all laughing stops. He hasn’t made eye contact with her this entire date and in a weird way acts as if he wants nothing to do with her. She pulls out a piece of paper where she has written out her breakup scene and she goes for it. She breaks up with him. I’m pretty sure there was like two minutes where all of America actually thought she was telling him she was leaving the show. (Which would have been a way to leave!) But she starts laughing, he starts laughing, and there it is, five of the girls now know him and Liz have a past.

Nick is literally living a nightmare. Instead of enjoying conversations throughout the rest of the group date, he’s constantly wondering how much Liz has exposed to the girls about their situation. Luckily for him no one actually knows the details, except Christen. Just when I think homegirl Christen wasn’t going to rat Liz out, she rats her out. She tells Nick she knows about their past, but she doesn’t act at all upset. I like her.  

Now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, one-on-one time with Liz. Nick has no problem with having a past with Liz, but at the same time she didn’t give him her number when he asked for it. She didn’t reach out to him despite having numerous mutual friends. If she liked him enough to come on the show, then why didn’t she like him enough to give him her phone number outside of the show?  You see the wheels in Nick’s head start turning and then he does what no one expects in the second episode… he sends Liz home. Goodbye bracket selections.

Obviously Nick returns back to the group date without Liz. The other girls are concerned that the conversation was taking so long because it was going so good. Meh, not so much. He tells the girls that he sent Liz home due to their past and her intentions. The girls are shocked and confused to what Nick just dropped on them. Tbh, we all were.

So shocked we don’t even realize that the episode is now over. No group rose, no rose ceremony, just a ‘To Be Continued…’.

The best part of a To Be Continued? There’s a group of girls back at the house that have zero idea about what’s going on with Liz.  


The drama continues next week, y’all!