What do football, the Quran, and an atheist wedding officiant have in common? This Deep South wedding in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the third issue of "Meta Mag," local artists and poets explore the theme of spirituality.

Father's Day was a fairly somber day this year, but sometimes the best days, the days where you feel like you and your community have moved forward, are

Instead of ranting on social media about prayer in schools or passing judgement on the beliefs of others, maybe it's time for so-called Christians to focus on the real issues.

"The Christmas Will Be Televised" Celebrates 5 Years of Christmas Fanfare

You might not find his candid, tongue-in-cheek breakdown of the evolution vs. creationism brouhaha in any textbook, but those are a snooze anyway. And the Grit team loves a hot topic...

No, really. I've noticed that well-articulated views on the creationism vs. evolution debate are scarce from the online commenting crowd, so I took a crack at it...