Nothing beats local beer and BBQ. Recently, Poogan's Smokehouse hosted Grit for a night of beer and BBQ bliss.

Whether casual or fine dining is your speed, these two downtown restaurants offer intimate outdoor options to enjoy the summer weather

Get a true sushi education at Wasabi in Mount Pleasant or Daniel Island.

In the grand scheme of things, the Grand Bohemian was Grand!

Saint Patrick's Day is more than corned beef and cabbage. Jump start the fun with this gorgeous, deep green, and delicious creamy asparagus soup.

Perhaps you read my post last week crowing about my upcoming visit to the Asheville Wine + Food Festival. Don’t worry. I got mine. A rundown of the trip, the food, the drinks... and the tow trucks

I confess, I'd rather do most anything than go on an organized tour. But I went on this one, which included four local restaurants and plenty of small bites. What I thought, and what my faves were

Some people go wild over baseball's season opener—others for warm weather and the start of long days in the sun. Me? I go crazy for the return of farmers markets. Here's why (recipes included!)

Colorful, nutty in flavor, and abundantly fruitful—as in, you'll have enough beans to feed your whole block—the Yard Long Bean is a must for your summer garden

Black Bean Co.'s known for their great salads and wraps. But what happens when they decide to throw a new dinner menu in the mix? Healthy eaters, you should flock to them ASAP because it is GOOD

Fall is the perfect season for everyone's favorite—ooey, gooey mac 'n cheese. Here's an elegant (but still simple) version perfect for any special supper (perhaps a Halloween feast?!)

Take lasagna to a new level with creamy Port Salut Mornay sauce, Marsala, morels, mushrooms, and more—straight from the test kitchen!

Stop what you're doing immediately (driving, eating, saving someone's life...) and read this Craig's List ad, written by a guy trying to hock his yoga mat. It gets real—and hilarious—quick...

Farmers' markets always inspire chili-making at Holly's house. This one uses early-season peppers and tomatoes and dresses them up with seasonal Swiss chard for off-the-charts flavor and nutrition.

A round-up of my favorite local dishes of the year, from perfect panna cotta to the hands-down best burger in town