28 Hairstyles in 28 Days? February Is Looking Mighty Fresh!

Bailey Desiree Bial


Just because it's freezing outside doesn't mean you can't look hot. Bring it, February.


Day 15: Sunday, Feb. 15—Hat Day!
Day after Valentine’s Day hair = Hat Day! Hey, if you don’t wear hats, start today. (And no, they don’t look bad on you!) After giving your hair a lot of heat attention, it's great to give your strands a rest for an extra day. No shampooing or styling, just throw a hat on your head and you’re good to go for the day! Not only does it allow you to have a no-effort hair day, but a hat is a great fashion statement/accessory! 
Day 16: Monday, Feb. 16—Twisted Side Updo
It's Monday, so lets go with a casual, no-fuss bun. Keeping your natural part, lightly gather your hair to one side (typically the side with more hair on the part), and secure with elastic. Loosely wrap your hair around into a bun, and secure with a few pins. Super-easy way to do something different on your monotonous Mondays. 
Day 17: Tuesday, Feb. 17—Twisted Half-Up 
Feeling boho-cozy vibes today? Try this easy twisted half-up. Take a section from each side of your part and very loosely twist each side, crossing over each other, and pin mid-low on the back of your head with a bobby pin or two. It's a little chilly tonight, so head to Two Boroughs Larder for Noodle Night…yummm.
Day 18: Wednesday, Feb. 18—Braided To One Side
This is such a simple braid, but a really pretty day look. For a smoother style, brush all of your hair smoothly to one side. Split into three equal sections and simply braid until you run out of hair. Use a small clear elastic, not a thick or even semi-thick black elastic. The clear elastics, which you can find at the Dollar Store, give it a bit more sophistication. 
Day 19: Thursday, Feb. 19—Low Pony
Love, love, love this fun low pony—and it's so simple! First, give your crown a small tease for a bit of volume. Next, loosely gather your hair into a low pony and secure tightly with an elastic. Then, simply take a piece from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic (this is called an Alice Band). Secure with a couple of bobby pins. This is a cool day look that also transitions perfectly into the evening. It's the perfect style for Royal American—don’t miss SUSTO there tonight! 
Day 20: Friday, Feb 20—Up-Style with Buns
Great for a date night or maybe a nice girls night out—how fun is this up-style with buns? I started with three sections for this look. Divide your hair down the back center, leaving you with two sections (basically pigtail sections). For your third section, gather the crown section, and pin that aside. Take one of the side sections, then wrap around into loose bun on that side. Go to the other side and wrap another loose bun. Now, take the crown section, bringing it down in-between the other two buns, and wrap one more bun around. Voila! A beautiful, messy updo perfect for your Friday night. 
Day 21: Saturday, Feb. 21—Straight 
How about a nice straight look this Saturday? If you typically wear your hair straight, then try switching it up by moving your part around. I am going with a center part, which gives a bit more modern vibe. Head over to the Visual Arts Club Cheap Art Auction tonight—hope to find some steals!