2013 New York Fashion Week: The Best of the Rest

Desmond Kinlaw

So you've already seen what I thought to be the top 10 men's looks of New York Fashion Week. There were also quite a few looks that weren't strong enough to make the list, but had some singular pieces that packed a powerful punch and deserved to be noted. Picking the original top 10 from more than 40 collections was tough. Here's what ended up on the cutting room floor. I call these the "Best of the Rest"...


All photos courtesy of GQ and Esquire


Band of Outsiders:


The look on the left was probably one of the closest out of these to make it to the top 10. Lovely suit. Footwear doesn't do it justice. And on the right, that camel-colored coat is hitting all the right notes.


 Billy Reid:


Love the pattern on the sweater.


Elie Tahari:


Love the non-wool peacoat. A good change up.


Elie Tahari:


Deep olive toggle coat.





This fire red baseball jacket will surely turn heads.


Carlos Campos:

This jacket isn't for everyone, but on the right guy it could do wonders. Awesome cut and the buttons are perfect.


David Hart:


This plaid sport coat is all kinds of right. 




This is a more utilitarian alternative to the trench coat for when the weather gets wet and nasty.




The small dose of leather on the sleeves is perfect.


 Joseph Abboud:


Love this moto jacket. Very clean look to it.




The sweater underneath has a collegiate feel with the bold yellow stripe.


 Mark McNairy:


One of the slimmest down coats I've ever seen.


 Michael Bastian:


Another toggle coat I'm in love with.


Michael Bastian:


Another look the could have easily made it to the Top 10. The windowpane pattern is so elegant.



 N. Hollywood:


Disregard the weird hat and focus on this beautiful brown leather jacket.


 General Idea:


Funky design on this jacket-sweater mashup, and I like it. 


Ralph Lauren:


Mr. Americana delivers a razor sharp shearling lined jacket in what looks like the softest leather ever.


Shades of Grey:


Another brand giving their version of the pea coat.


Shipley and Halmos:


Its hard to screw up something in black watch. The historic military pattern makes almost anything look good.


Shipley and Halmos:


This shirt is pretty magnificent. I could have a lot of fun mixing and matching this one.


Steven Alan:


Beautiful suit covered by a hefty bag.


Tim Coppens:


Patterned shirts are trending. Thank Givenchy for that.


Todd Snyder:


What is that? Velvet?


Tommy Hilfiger:


Hilfiger's all-plaid show had some hits and misses. This one was a little bit of both. The patterns on the jacket and trousers are too close to try to wear together in my opinion. They would be great solo pieces.


And the Humor of the Week...

Jeremy Scott:


If the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight ever happens, (which it probably won't), this should totally be Pacman's pre-fight getup.