2 Boss Ladies: New Salon Alert!



Finally, there’s an answer to this conundrum consumers on the peninsula face: Cirque Salon Studios located at 10 Exchange Street.


The salon’s fourth location in the low country takes its unique format to the heart of downtown Charleston, connecting residents with long-favorite beauty professionals, in addition to rising stars within the beauty industry.


Setting apart Cirque Salon Studios from its competition is the flexibility and creativity offered by clients and service providers. Each provider is a business owner. 


Cirque Salon itself doesn’t employ the professionals but instead allows professionals to own their own business in an upscale location.


Artists offering services including hair styling, skin care solutions, and teeth whitening, create their own schedules which can include evenings and weekends. 




Anyone wishing to serve at the location is welcome to “set up shop” and provide access to their customers. The end result? Allowing salon professionals to be their own entrepreneurs without the hassles of starting up in a traditional setting.


“It’s a revolutionary way to serve the public, allowing them to meet several artists at once and create more intimate relationships and a network for services” owner David Manzi explained. “It allows more providers to get the word out that they’re here and customers can view all options and make future appointments, sometimes even within the same day”.


Indeed, the welcoming response given to the artists by those in attendance for the salon’s opening last week showcases the excitement within the Holy City for a salon experience of this magnitude.


“I know three of the business owners that work here now”, long-time client Amanda told me, “and it’s going to be great to have the perfect spa day where I can have everything done at one location”.



Two new salon studios opened with owners and stylists, Madison Lecroy and Meg Workman in Suite 303. A gorgeous space that they have turned into their own cozy, stylish studio for hair and makeup. 

(Image by Margaret Wright)

These Boss Ladies are not new to Charleston but have grown into their own studio space to provide a more personalized and more epic experience. Check them out for yourselves!


(Image by Margaret Wright)

All are encouraged to come to Cirque Salon studios to try the experience for themselves. Located at 10 Exchange Street close to Rainbow Row, clients can view information on the salon’s site, http://cirquesalonstudios.com/.