Jordan Dudden is Charleston’s newest #BOSSLADY and jewelry entrepreneur.



Jordan Dudden is Charleston’s newest #BOSSLADY and jewelry entrepreneur.


She’s the brains and the crafty hands behind JoJo Rings, a company that handcrafts rings from 100% recycled keys that was founded with community in mind. It operates under three guiding principles: social good, sustainability, and individuality. 


We sat down to chat and her mission to help others while bringing her passion to life really struck me.


Jordan Dudden


In what ways does your business give back?


Every month we work with a different nonprofit to raise awareness and promote social change. With each online purchase we donate $5 to one of our nonprofit partners. Since our founding in 2015, we have made it a priority to work with a diverse set of life-saving nonprofits spanning from the Keep a Breast Foundation to the United State of Women.  Our tagline, #keysforchange, illustrates our commitment to social good.


We source our keys from two nonprofits: “Keys for Hope” and “Keys for Kids”. They collect keys and scrap the brass to fund their respected charitable missions. They were kind enough to sell us their keys at a premium price. It’s a very healthy relationship for both of us. Our last order was nearly 100,000 keys… That’s 2,400 pounds!!!


This month we are working with Project Heal, which works to deliver prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.




Why did you decide to give back?

In college I was always volunteering, whether I was building homes for Habitat for Humanity on weekends or designing for different local nonprofits. There was never a question “if” I was going to give back once I founded JoJo Rings… It was a matter of “how much”. Through this work I’ve had an opportunity to meet amazing people from different nonprofits that are changing the world for good.


How did you decide to change every month?

As JoJo Rings began to grow with celebrity supporters and bigger retailers, we started to get contacted by more and more nonprofit organizations. They addressed topics spanning from wildlife preservation to sexual assault… and everything in between! It became a hard reality that we couldn’t possibly help everyone that contacted us, which was incredibly difficult for me to handle. Our current system allows us to work with different deserving nonprofits every 30 days. It enables us to educate our community members of a diverse set of social problems and raise money for the many causes around the world.

How do you think other entrepreneurs can give back in their business or people as individuals?


What is the #1 piece of advice for those women who have not yet made the leap to start their own business?

Take a leap of faith. I know it’s scary. I know it’s intimidating. But if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will!

What is something that you hope to accomplish in Charleston?

 In the past, JoJo Rings has created specialty collections of rings made from historic landmarks. The United Way of Central New York and JoJo Rings teamed up and acquired keys from a historical landmark called Hotel Syracuse. JoJo Rings created a 150 ring collection where proceeds benefitted the United Way. 

In under 48 hours, the collection sold out and JoJo Rings was able to donate nearly $4,000 to the United Way. In addition to the donation, the campaign earned significant marketing positive impressions for the United Way through multiple news media stories, social media sharing, and email blasts throughout the Syracuse community.

We also made a similar specialty collection of rings with keys from Syracuse University and again donated to a local Syracuse charity. Now that we are based in Charleston, we would love to get involved in the community by launching a specialty collection to a historical Charleston landmark and give donations to a local charity. 


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