The New Business Card or Should I Say App for Beauty Pros!

Andrew C. Petersen



Techonology has not always been my friend. That may be hard for some of my friends to believe since I seem to live for social media, writing blogs, working on a book, doing interivews, etc. I think I would probably die if I lost wifi.


The truth is, I can do Instagram, Facebook, tweet, Snapchat, blog, and write endlessly. This is all thanks to a magician named Hunter Boone from, who is loved here in Charleston, and Ashley Caldwell from the Modern Connection. They've literally brought me into this century over the last four years. Thanks to them, when it comes to Word documents, websites, G-mail accounts, and trying to recover a password, I know that I am safe.


I owe my internet existence to them and know that if I were to cross them they could probably make me disappear in about 10 minutes flat.


I was so intrigued with the topic of this blog when Sarah Johnson from Beauty ProLink reached out to me, because the Internet, social media, and the power and quickness of smartphones keeps us so quickly updated and connected.



I cannot tell you how many business cards I have in bag that I have NO idea where or who I got them from. Just being honest!


I have passed out a ton of mine, and I know that many clients use them, but I would be lying to myself if I believed that some were not tossed out, misplaced, or floating at the bottom of a purse. Beauty ProLink offers me a way as a professional to supply a possible client with a traditional business card while also sending them a link that can then download my personal app to their Iphone or their Droid. The app will give them my bio, what I offer, my contact info, pictures, prices, and so much more.





I was so fortunate that Sarah had reached out to me from Caifornia months ago so I could start using it as they were devolping the product as sort of a test market. I have to say, It has been amazing!!!!! Sarah describes the app here:


Beauty ProLink is a personalized mobile marketing app for androids and IOS devices to help beauty professionals generate more business by creating deeper and stronger engagements.  It allows them to brand and market themselves, maintain clients, generate referrals, reward system, adding new value!


Back before there was the internet, social media and apps those who had successful businesses were those who could create and build the most relationships.


Now with all of the technology available we can go a step further, adding more value to each person.  


When you are at a networking event, people typically ask for your business card. Everyone has a business card, what makes you any different?


How will you stand out from your competitors in your field? Instead of giving the person a paper card that will most likely end up in the trash, text the person your personalized app to download onto the home screen of their smart. Now your app with your face is on their phone. Now they have full access to you. Instead of trying to Google you, which is what most people do anyway, they now have it all in one source. They can connect with you, check out your 5-star reviews,  and view your product and service. It’s also easy for them to refer your business by texting your app link to their network to download.


You, as the app owner, have the analytics of each person who has downloaded your app. You can see what they clicked on and when and you will receive a 24-hour progress report of all the activity that has happened on your app.


The Beauty Prolink App is a way to express who you are and what you do.


To create your own personalized app go to to change the way you do business.


1.  Being in the Anti-aging industry yourself, how do you incorporate the app into your own business?

I incorporate all of my resources from before and after photos to products to videos about the product and opportunity into the app making it easy and simple to share.  Connecting with my clients all in one source.


2. What kind of results have you gotten?

In the past 3 months of using the beauty app, I have signed up 10 new customers, signed up 5 Reps and gotten 10 referrals.


3. How do you see Beauty ProLink changing the beauty industry?

The way they service their clients and teach them how to take advantage of technology in 2016. Technology is a large part of our society and in order to grow you business you have to adapt and change.. Technology is a large part of business and relating to others. People buy from those they relate to.



                  I Was so intrigued with app and with what Sarah had to say I had to ask some questions myself, afterall I had such great luck with and my client's did too!



 AP:  How do you feel about the advances happening in the beauty and technology and how they coincide with tech advances,  such as your app?

SJ:  Well, Beauty industry is very unique in a sense that every beauty professionals carries different services that are unique for them. Technology should help beauty pros to express who they are. So technology has to be flexible to capture their identity or brands so they can market themselves better.  


AP: What made your team come up with the idea? How will it affect the beauty industry and tech industry?

SJ: The idea of the beauty app came from a experience I had. I went and got a haircut one day and I specifically asked the hair stylist to cut off 1in of my hair, she ended up cutting off 3 inches and was all un-even, I hated it. The next day at work I was venting to my co-worker about the bad experience and she recommended me to her hair stylist to fix my  hair. I was very apprehensive because I didn’t want another bad experience. So I decided to research her. I wanted to see what reviews she had been given, some photos of her work and social media. It was difficult to find I then asked my co-worker if she could call her for me, taking time out of her day.  Through this whole experience, I realized how beneficial it would have been if my co-worker already had the stylist’s Beauty app on her phone to send me to download. I would have had access to all of her contact information, social media, reviews, products and services and could have booked an appointment all in one source, easy to access.


AP: What will it do to improve the beauty expert’s experience and what will the app do to help the client’s beauty experience?

 SJ: For the Beauty professional, this is going to not only help them with their visibility but also create a name for themselves in this growing industry. It will help them brand who they are and what they do and helps them engage and maintain their clientele.  For the client, it makes the client experience easier and more enjoyable. People buy and keep what is easy and simple and accessible


AP: Do you see this app as a way to build the exposure of not only a person and their brand, but a product and the company launching it as well?

 SJ: Absolutely, Yes!  For me as a beauty professional of a international global anti-aging company, this app allows me to expand my network, helping me build my business quicker and more effect and at the same time providing exposure of the company.




Thank you Sarah for taking time out of your day and your week, actually out of your last two months!


I appreciate that you and and Beauty Prolink have given me the oportunity to be a guinea pig for such a great product, it truly is an amazing idea.


I love it, my clients, love. I feel really fortunate to have it. I know many of the Charleston Grit readers are going to want to know more about it and I know that a lot of beauty pros out their will be reaching out to get more info.


Oh, send me a message on my app... wink! XO