An Ode to Old Glory


Patriotism doesn’t have to be a seasonal, summertime display. With the 4th only days away, we’re all tempted to throw up our last-minute American flag décor, but why not actually enjoy it? Why not make a powerful, year-round statement and use it as interior artwork? 


Just check out the first two images, and how crisp and powerful the rooms appear with those American flags boldly popping off a clean backdrop of white walls. And this look is so versatile—it can easily interchange between a traditional or modern aesthetic. 


I especially love the idea of framing an Old Glory within the simple, clean lines of a white lacquer frame. It instantly transforms the flag into a classic piece of wall art! And the best part is, this transitional look can easily be achieved within the bounds of any budget—even a super tight one!


Feeling inspired? Want to take your American patriotism to that very next level? The third image is actually American flag wallpaper!!