New Facility Makes "Change" Easy for Folly Surfers



The City of Folly Beach has some good news for surfers at "The Washout."  


The city has just completed the process of building public changing houses at the east end of The Washout, just north of the “Contest Shack” walkover (approximately 1700 block). 


The new facility sits right next to what surfers call “The Pink House,” which is at the very eastern end of The Washout.


The area will be handicapped accessible, with parking at the new changing house area for handicapped drivers only. There is also a handicap ramp at the site that will offer access to the beach.


According to Eric Lutz, building official and facilities manager with the City of Folly Beach, the changing area was "designed specifically with surfers in mind."


The men’s and women’s changing houses will have sinks, rinse-off showers, and basic toilets. There will also be a covered changing area, according to Lutz. The changing area should be great for getting out of a wet suit without showing your butt to every passing car on East Ashley Ave.


The cold-water showers will NOT be indoors, so don’t plan on getting a fully nude shower experience while bathing. But it will still be nice to be able to rinse off before you race to work after a morning session.


According to Lutz, the project has been on City Council’s radar for a while and was finally approved.


He also said there is a landscaping project in the works to beautify the new changing area.


The facility has a planned opening sometime in mid-to-late March, according to Lutz.


Water meters are still in the process of being installed, says Lutz. Once the water meters are in, the new facility will be ready to use.


The buildings will be closed at night, much like the parking area along The Washout.


Ocean Surf Shop would ask that surfers police themselves—and the public—to take care of the new facility. It is great to have it available for surfers to use, so make sure to treat it with respect.