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Hunter Boone

BY: Hunter Boone
Seeking Veterans and Older Citizens for HBO's Vice Principals. Apply Now!
BY: Shep Rose
In episode two of Shepic Fail, Gerry Kieran, owner of Seanachai on Johns Island, attempts to transform the guys from barflies to bartenders.
BY: Hunter Boone
Here's a Charleston-based reality show that won't leave a bad taste in your mouth. The Food Network is now casting for its new reality game-show, The Great Holiday Bake-Off!
BY: Hunter Boone
Here are the final Confessional Videos from Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Ayoka Lucas stops in and gives us a peek into what it's like to head one of the nation's biggest fashion events.
BY: Hunter Boone
Friday night was almost too good to be true, good thing Hunter Boone caught the best part, the confessions, on tape. Hold on to your seats, these are good.
BY: Hunter Boone
The booth is back! Here are the second night's confessions from the Charleston Fashion Week Confessional Booth.
BY: Instant Grit
The blog of this week, plus tons of inspiration for sharing your history smarts—while getting your drink on—next Thursday at the Royal American...
BY: Hunter Boone
Guys, have you heard about the Mr. Collection? For less than the price of a new pair of jeans, you can borrow an awesome new outfit—head to toe. Here's the scoop, plus an exclusive 15%-off promo code
BY: Instant Grit
Plus! A couple o' festive cats and dogs to get you in the holiday spirit. Trust us—you'll love these guys...
BY: Hunter Boone
Yep. But forget "Southern Charm" and "Myrtle Manor"—this upcoming TV show, "Give Me Shelter," documents the day-to-day challenges that face JI's no-kill animal shelter Pet Helpers. Here's the scoop...
BY: Hunter Boone
Every month, menswear line Frank & Oak releases a new collection or “issue,” with this month’s being the “Progression Issue”. Here are some sharp cool-weather looks with a twist of London style...
BY: Hunter Boone
I hung with the SNL veterans during their recent gig at my Music Farm. Here are the cool backstage stories, including why I respect frontman Angelakos now more than ever
BY: Hunter Boone
I talked to Greg Tavares, cofounder of Theatre 99 and now author, about his book "Improv For Everyone"—perfect, he says, for "the improviser who loves improv and wants improv to love you back"
BY: Rory Gruler
Since the news broke via Twitter, it's no surprise that Ryan and Blake were a big buzz. Plus, Jet Blue's coming to Chas; Apple drops the iPhone 5; and thoughts, prayers, and thanks go out on 9/11
BY: Hunter Boone
Shatterdog's Fisticuffmanship will be having an official CD release at The Tin Roof on August 29th. Come on out and hear some good ol' boy Americana!




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