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BY: Stephanie Hunt
10, 18, 8, 12, 2 (my numbers)—do not add up to $590.9 million. I'm not the mystery winner in Zephyrhills, but there is another game in which I have definitely struck it rich. It's called life.
BY: Stephanie Hunt
A new spot for writers of all walks (and a video of Bill Murray at Manhattan's Poets House) to nudge you down that path of literary... something. Poetry, fiction, a few minutes with pen and paper
BY: Holly Herrick
Say it sista! Holly’s straight-talking fact vs. fiction breakdown of the writing profession is one we—and all Charleston creatives—can applaud
BY: Holly Herrick
A Carrie Bradshaw utopia? A beret-wearing "artiste" scribbling mindlessly? Author Holly Herrick sets the record straight on what the life of a writer is really all about
BY: Stephanie Hunt
Who says writing has to be lonely? The Sophia Institute's retreat this weekend seeks to highlight the communal aspect of the craft... and why we could all use a little shared inspiration
BY: Stephanie Hunt
Move over Michael Phelps... our favorite Olympian is Charleston sports writer Gary Smith. He sat down with "Word on the Street" to talk memorable moments, good stories, and a little table tennis
BY: Renae Brabham
I'm learning now that passion is what you shout out loud with your life. It doesn't necessarily mean people are going to like your spillage, but it is how people will identify with you
BY: Renae Brabham
Veins of ink, soul bared, Portals open everywhere.... a Friday afternoon poem
BY: Stephanie Hunt
Sometimes the Muse needs a refresher course—an Outward Bound to sharpen creative survival skills, a high ropes course for writers/artists who need a little endorphin spike....



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