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women and leadership

BY: Jane Perdue
Feeling adrift? Not of what you bring to the table? Whether you're out of work or hitting a career crisis, here's a few ways to get your mojo back in a hurry
BY: Jane Perdue
It's a colorful way of recognizing bosses whose leadership lacks clarity, communication, and character—just vague, of-the-moment directives. Remind you of anyone? Do you toss 'em around, too?
BY: Jane Perdue
A basic leadership rule is to praise others in public and give criticism in private. As I learned first-hand, though, not everyone agrees. Thus: three ways to gracefully handle public criticism
BY: Jane Perdue
Recently, an older man in a business club I belong to downtown, beckoned me—a stranger—to come take notes for him on a call, then dismissed me. Decision time: SEETHE, or SEIZE the moment?
BY: Jane Perdue
N-O. Go ahead, let those pesky letters disappoint, but don't you let them discourage. Here are 5 tips for building resiliency and halting mojo thieves in their tracks
BY: Jane Perdue
As a leader, you own the skills of your team just as you own sales numbers or any other metric used as the yardstick to assess results. A major component of that? Giving honest feedback
BY: Jane Perdue
Turns out those Gossip Girls are more realistic than the Ya-Yas or Traveling Pant sisters. Ladies: are you steamrolling your fellow females?
BY: Jane Perdue
It's exhausting, not to mention mostly unattainable (just ask all 49,500 people who Googled "perfectionism" last month!). Here are 5 tips for bagging the impossible quest



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