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West Ashley

BY: Rory Gruler
Band of Horses' singer goes solo (under WHAT name?!), Big John shuts The Green Door, the Marley Lion case goes to trial, and the Lowcountry reacts to a tragic Craigslist killing in our own backyard
BY: Instant Grit
Sitting in traffic for half the day, sleeping in your car: locals weigh in on their big July 4th fails, plus 2 must-have beach toys and... Yep. We've got red, white, & blue Jell-O shots
BY: Rory Gruler
PHEW. After a Memorial Day sprinkled with somber news, we saw a high-speed car chase, T-Rav and crew slinking through town, the whole city LOSE IT when Comcast went out, & SC Sen. Robert Ford resign
BY: Katie Hurst
What part of town do you call home? West Trashy? Mount Plastic? My upcoming move from JI to West Ash has me paying mind to the stereotypes (or are they judgements?) we in the Lowcountry give our hoods
BY: Instant Grit
With some seriously stacked winnings up for grabs—like $25 of BBQ each week for a year—you won’t want to miss this contest
BY: Joan Perry
It may be a bit longer, but I've learned taking the scenic route to work has a pretty profound perk



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