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BY: Julie Wheat
The grand finale did not disappoint. Bravo.
BY: Julie Wheat
Style: it's not just about the clothes; it's the attitude you need to pull it off. Check our our favorite looks from night two of Charleston Fashion Week®.
BY: Julie Wheat
It's not who you're wearing, it's how you're wearing it.
BY: Julie Wheat
Style blogger Julie Wheat has made it her summer mission to survey beach street style in the greater Charleston area. At her first stop, she finds fashion on Folly Beach.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
Desmond Kinlaw was back out at the tents with his camera for night 4 of Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Check out some photos of the stylish guests and even a few off duty models.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
Desmond Kinlaw was back out at the tents with his camera for night three of Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Check out some photos and videos of all the high fashion outside the tents.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
It's here! Its's here! Charleston Fashion Week is here!!!! Check out the recap and some street style from the first night's festivities as blogger Desmond Kinlaw peruses the tents for fashion stars.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
I showed up to yesterday's H&M grand opening with my camera in tow. Click here for some killer street style from the day, plus a look at the stylish goods waiting for you inside...
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
There was plenty to see last night as the crowd headed into the tents... here are more style shots from Marion Square
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
Ladies and gents, the scene at Marion Square is getting amped up. Here are style shots of NIGHT 2's crowd heading into the tents
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
What kind of style was headed INTO the tents on opening night (traditionally the "tamest" of all CFW nights)? Here's peek at some of the looks gracing the grounds in Marion Square
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
There are tons of reasons to look your best at a wedding—photogs everywhere, the potential to meet someone, etc. Here are some street-style standouts and a few tips on suiting up for the occasion





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