Simulating Stimulating

Online help to figure out her turn-ons


How many times have you wished that you had a map to Down Under? …and no, I am NOT talking about Australia.


Between the cute nicknames women have for our genitalia and our sometimes reluctance to get specific about what turns us on, it can be hard for even the most motivated lover to find the right path.


A new website,, is designed to help.


The website owners partnered with some Indiana University sex researchers to poll 1,000 women about how they give themselves orgasms. The site also interviewed hundreds of women about their self-pleasuring technique and 30 of those women agreed to provide video chats with very specific, step-by-step closeup video guides to their technique. It’s like an owner’s manual for the female turn-on, complete with terminology and definitions.


Spoiler alert: a majority of women prefer something called “edging,” in which they are stimulated right up to the point of orgasm, then stop for a while before edging up to the point of climax again. This self-teasing results in a longer, more intense orgasm. The site has a step-by-step video on the edging technique.  The video falls somewhere between soft porn and high school health class. Not quite as much fun as the former, but way less cringeworthy than the latter.


Even better, the website had compiled hundreds of photos of the female genitalia, along with verbal feedback to create the ultimate interactive video. Visitors to the site can use a touchscreen to interact with onscreen female genitalia, quite literally, and to receive real-time feedback about technique.


The website has 47 videos and 11 “touchable” videos.


Fair warning, you have to be over 18 to sign onto the site (although it seems to operate on the honor system) and the one-time purchase is $39.99. The site also allows you to purchase access to the website as a gift. Of course, not sure what it would say about you if you received this as a gift (“Honey, you haven’t found my treasure for years. Happy birthday, here’s a treasure map.”).


Your partner may lie to you about your skill level, but this website won’t, and the intent is for you to up your game for when you get to the real thing.


The site may very well turn your iPad into an O-Pad.