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BY: Nate Anderson
What's worse than having to run a full marathon for your bucket list? Paying $100 to run a full marathon and not finishing. This list is officially one item shorter.
BY: Katie Hurst
Can we all agree to check that there are no private body parts showing the next time we leave the house for a workout? That and 3 other fitness fashion choices that should be outlawed...
BY: Katie Hurst
Hundreds of Charleston "rogue runners" are playing hooky from work today in a "black ops marathon" that omits red tape, adds three bridges, and includes plenty of beer on Folly
BY: Tim Brennan
What kinds of people did those bombers target? I'll tell you—because when I think about what happened this week, that's who I'm thinking of... They're a force, make no mistake
BY: Katie Hurst
Ever wonder who those folks in the first Bridge Run corral are? You know, the ones lining up with the Kenyans? I caught up with one of them, Rives Poe, to find out what super powers make her so speedy
BY: Katie Hurst
The Charleston Marathon is here! If you're running your first one this weekend, I've got a few unexpected tips for you—from one rookie to another
BY: Katie Hurst
There have been a few times I thought I might die while running, but I didn’t think it might literally take years off my life. A new study argues running might not be as healthy as we think
BY: Katie Hurst
Sure, that extra hour of sleep last weekend was great. But with the end of daylight savings has come the end of my evening runs. In their place: the dreaded early-a.m. workout. Here's how I'm coping
BY: Katie Hurst
Somehow, my mom and I went from watching Star Wars together to teaming up for nine milers... Family just has a way of nudging you to do more than you thought you could
BY: Katie Hurst
Beach season might be coming to a close, but not for runners. Here're some things to consider—wind, dead jellyfish, sand dunes, dogs—to best enjoy a fall jog along your favorite shore
BY: Katie Hurst
Could YOU run the Ravenel without your tunes? When Beyonce abruptly cuts off, you might find a few other senses cut on and get you over that bridge...
BY: Katie Hurst
Is this prime running weather or what? Which begs the question: are you a casual, fairweather runner or do you lace up those shoes as part of a something bigger—a way of life? Find out here
BY: Katie Hurst
It's fall in Charleston; thus the perfect time to run outdoors. So turn off the TV, step off the treadmill, and head outside already! Here are my five favorite running routes around town
BY: Claire O'Bryan
In getting ready to run the 10K Eco-Run this weekend at Folly, Claire talks triathlons, training, and why signing up for a race can be a great way to streamline your workouts



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