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BY: Mike Grabman
As part of the Lowcountry Local’s “Eat Local Challenge” I am drinking my way through Charleston’s local inebriating options.
BY: Alex Keith
Palmetto Brewing's lineup of October events - hope you're ready to booze all month long
BY: Guest Blogger
Get your coffee fix, and taste it too
BY: Diana Barton
Middleton Place is hosting wine strolls every Wednesday through October, giving guests an opportunity to sip on some vino and enjoy the beautiful grounds of the historic plantation.
BY: Ann Kaufman
Ever wanted to make your favorite drink, from your favorite bar while you were at home? Well here are step by step instructions for one of Charleston's best concoctions.
BY: Hunter Boone
I hit the magazine release party the other night, honoring GQ's Most Imaginative Bartender contender Hallie Arnold. I sucked back a few of her winning cocktails and snapped a few photos of the bash..
BY: Jon Yarian
"There are wines that make me want to go home and go to sleep, and... wines that make me want to go home and have sex with my wife." —Harry Root. (I'll tell you which he poured at his recent tasting)
BY: Instant Grit
Have a ticket to next weekend's Wine, Women & Shoes? With vendors like C. Wonder, shoe models including Tara, Chassity, and Natalie, and proceeds supporting a SC nonprofit, you won't want to miss it
BY: Instant Grit
You've seen this sudden deluge of back-to-school ads, the "Oh, did you not hear the news? It's Fall, suckers." Ummm, no. RELAX. Here are 5 things you can do to prove it's still f*&^ing summer
BY: Evans Craddock
A lesson in letting go? How I took a break from the push-push-push of everyday, sat a while, drank a little, and didn't miss a thing
BY: Claire O'Bryan
If you really want to get things done with a powerful soul, have them over for breakfast? True? That lesson and more from my 2nd class with the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits...
BY: Instant Grit
Happy Independence Day from Grit! And hey, if that calls for a drink, break out the cocktail shakers—we've got delish chilly recipes to stir things up. Huck Finn anyone?
BY: Brian Wilder
On Saturday, I headed down to Brittlebank Park to check out Charleston Beer Garden. It had music and food trucks and carnival-style vendors, but perhaps more interesting is what I didn't find...
BY: Instant Grit
Heard of a Southern Sour? No? Well, now you have... The Gibbes' annual Society 1858 meeting is today—find out exactly what Gin Joint bartender James Wampler mixed up for the artsy affair
BY: Tara Guérard
We used Pantone's Color of the Year to inspire a get-ready-for-summer cocktail party—here are our five picks for pulling it together
BY: Natalie Mason
Calling all wine lovers, you'll want to stick this list up on your fridge... I've searched high and low to round up the best buys just for you. Cheers!
BY: Devin Grant
With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I figured it was time to talk Irish music: (jigs? reels?). I sat down the co-owners of the venerable Park Circle pub, who just celebrated its 10th anniversary
BY: Cullen Murray Kemp
For all you under-agers out there, I get it, I've been there—I've soared with fake ID success and skulked off empty-handed while upperclassmen hooted at my failure. Hey, I just wanted a beer....
BY: Claire O'Bryan
After juicing just about every fruit or veggie out there over the past week, I've made my decision. Here are my thoughts about this new "health" fad (plus a recipe for the Green Juice pictured here!)
BY: Cullen Murray Kemp
Dirty dancing, gelled hair, spillage, and usually, a good show—here's what a night out on Upper King looks like for the 25-and-under crowd (warning: some of it's not pretty... but, yes, entertaining)
BY: Tara Guérard
Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. Here are my simple, but spot-on picks for getting it right.
BY: Joan Perry
Last week I attended a taste testing party for Crown Royal's new maple-flavored variety. Read on for photos of the event and to see what I thought of the novel spirit
BY: Center for Women
"We each held our paper and pens, our smiles, ideas, and naïveté...." A Charleston entrepreneur's story that just might inspire us all to dream a little bigger, work a little harder... imagine more
BY: E. Louise
The Daily Beast just ranked Charleston the #4 Drunkest City in America (ahead of New Orleans AND Vegas, mind you). What do you think? Shall we sober up or belly up and have another?
BY: Pete Preston
Did you know that monks brew beer? And some pretty dang good beer at that. The Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus has released their Westvleteren 12 Belgian ale and it’s available at Total Wine TODAY!
BY: Pete Preston
Beer is, at its heart, a social drink, is it not? So pull up a stool and meet your brewer—here's a quick list of South Carolina (mostly Charleston) breweries that offer tours. Go! Shake their hands...
BY: Pete Preston
(Hint: It's right up the road.) For four years running, Asheville's earned top nods for its hometown brews. I've got a list of where to go and what to drink
BY: Pete Preston
There's been a lot of buzz around this year's presidential race and we're not just talking Obama and Romney. Check out some of the politically steeped brews that have made headlines this year
BY: Pete Preston
Scored 82 out of 100 by BeerAdvocate magazine, this hoppy, malty blend is one brew you should try. Lucky for us, it's available at quite a few joints around town
BY: Tim Brennan
Last Wednesday, I set out in search of traditional Irish music. Instead I found Gerry Kieran, no live music, a bottle of Connemara, and a damn good clubhouse
BY: Tara Guérard
Last time we talked about the fare, so let's move on to the spirits. Here are ideas for what sips to serve this weekend (including a recipe for my Seaside Bloody Mary), plus tips on how to pack them
BY: Pete Preston
Whether started from modest rickshaw roots or Daddy's deep pockets, makes no difference to me—these local folks are offering up a new school of hometown brews
BY: Tara Guérard
Full selection or just beer and wine? Some quick inspiration for rethinking your bar setup for your next party
BY: Natalie Mason
Summer may be coming to an end, but don't fret. I have two fabulous cocktails (including a watermelon margarita to go with your Moon and Stars gazpacho) to help you enjoy the season's last few days
BY: Tara Guérard
Need a reason to host an impromptu happy hour this evening? Try this super-easy recipe for a refreshing summer favorite.
BY: Kinsey Gidick
After my Rum Stroll at Middleton Place last night where I sipped with the best of them, I can offer you a brief—if slightly scandalous—history of the good-time drink's role in Charleston's history
BY: Natalie Mason
With temperatures soaring into the 100s this weekend, you gotta find something to beat the heat. My pick is this new-fangled fruit cocktail that will cool you off and then some...
BY: Natalie Mason
Elderflower cocktails, lychee martinis, blackberry margaritas... who said the same old characters always show up for happy hour?



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