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Charleston Weather

BY: Instant Grit
Sweet Joseph it might snow in Charleston, and along with everyone's doomsday preparations and their Tweets to record it, we've picked a few hilarious "snowflakes" that stand out.
BY: Rory Gruler
Let's review. Beiber got busted, rickshaw drivers got busted, our Sochi Opening Ceremony uniforms are completely busted, and cold weather is making the pipes busted. Plus, MLK Day and wino bouncers.
BY: Rory Gruler
Oh, snap... FITS News calls out WHICH local bullies? Plus, another late-night ordinance, Bull Street Gourmet closes, and Auntie Em, Auntie Em! Weather, ad nauseum...
BY: Rory Gruler
Is food all we can talk about? The Charleston Wine & Food Fest is well underway, and we've got bacon tater tots, butchered pigs, weather guy Jim Cantore, the Lee Brothers... it's mayhem up in here
BY: Rory Gruler
Our week in review: hug your kiddos a little tighter; cast your votes for the Bests of Charleston; check out Chas mag's new look; oh, and look out! The world ends today
BY: Rory Gruler
Water’s been boiling in Berkeley County, Halloween preps are underway (Joe Riley jack-o’-lanterns included), people are partying, a storm named Sandy's making her move, and more



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