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Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week

BY: Bailey Desiree Bial
Backstage beauty at Charleston Fashion Week, courtesy of Bailey Bial.
BY: Megan Bryan
Herbalist and healer Mary Wutz turned to fashion to create a line of sustainable, organic clothing that is as good for your body as it is for the Earth.
BY: Rory Gruler
This year, digital director Rory Gruler made some changes to her CFW routine, and voila—her best Charleston Fashion Week ever!
BY: Jeremy McLellan
With your confessor, comedian Jeremy McLellan.
BY: Jeremy McLellan
With your confessor, Charleston comedian Jeremy McLellan
BY: Jeremy McLellan
With your confessor, Charleston comedian Jeremy McLellan.
BY: Julie Wheat
Style: it's not just about the clothes; it's the attitude you need to pull it off. Check our our favorite looks from night two of Charleston Fashion Week®.
BY: Rory Gruler
Rory Gruler reflects on her six years as digital director of Charleston Fashion Week®.
BY: Jeremy McLellan
Charleston Fashion Week® is a marathon, not a sprint. Jeremy McLellan didn't get the memo.
BY: Andrew C. Petersen
Gorgeous comes in all sizes, but the Chanel ski pants hanging in my closet do not. Uh-oh.
BY: Hunter Boone
Here are the final Confessional Videos from Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Ayoka Lucas stops in and gives us a peek into what it's like to head one of the nation's biggest fashion events.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
Desmond Kinlaw was back out at the tents with his camera for night 4 of Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Check out some photos of the stylish guests and even a few off duty models.
BY: Andrew C. Petersen
When two of Charleston's premier beauty and fashion experts get together, you'd better pay attention. Andrew C. Petersen and Ashley Brook Perryman cover everything from CFW to new makeup trends.
BY: Hunter Boone
Friday night was almost too good to be true, good thing Hunter Boone caught the best part, the confessions, on tape. Hold on to your seats, these are good.
BY: Rory Gruler
This Week in #CHS Tweets is a little more fancy that others. It's all about Charleston Fashion Week. Hear what people have seen, done, and what they've been saying about our biggest fashion event.
BY: Ayoka Lucas
Back with more! The style genius Ayoka Lucas give us her thoughts on the second night of Charleston Fashion Week as a designer, style critic, and even as a mother.
BY: Ayoka Lucas
If you haven't gotten your fill of Charleston Fashion Week, how about looking through the brainchild of the entire operation? That's right, here's Ayoka's take on night one of life under the tents.
BY: Desmond Kinlaw
Desmond Kinlaw was back out at the tents with his camera for night three of Charleston Fashion Week 2014. Check out some photos and videos of all the high fashion outside the tents.
BY: Hunter Boone
The booth is back! Here are the second night's confessions from the Charleston Fashion Week Confessional Booth.
BY: Andrew C. Petersen
Andrew C. Petersen takes to the tents in search of this year's hottest looks at Charleston Fashion Week. Along with some old friends, and some new, he gives a recap of the night's sights and sounds.







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