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The Art of Wellness

BY: Gulfstream
You've made the meal, but now what? Our Blog of the Week reminds us of a great source of information for just how to entertain your guests, as well as how to act in some other places and situations.
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
What foods will get your skin glowing within weeks? What part of your diet should you kick to the curb? Here are 3 ways to fix flaky skin without spending a dime in the drugstore aisle
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
Looking to save face? Aging happens to the best of us, but here are some tricks for plumping, enlivening, youth-i-fying your pretty mug (including the very best and worst things you can do to it)
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
If your New Year's resolution includes a fresher, brighter, more beautiful you—why not start with square one? (Your skin.) Here are three mind, body, spirit tips to shine in 2013
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
Did you know that too many carbs can literally sugar-coat the skin (and not in a good way...)? And what happens when you skimp on sleep? Here are my quick fixes...
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
So many women have come into my practice lately sounding the alarm. But hair loss isn't a life sentence—remember my hormones/sleep/nutrition approach? Here's how it works for this too...
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
What's the new game of medicine? What the hell is epigenetics? What's this talk of sex stars? These questions answered, plus more on the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy, here
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
The sex stars—estrogen, progesterone and testosterone—get a lot of play, but the non-sex hormones are equally as crucial for vitality. Here's a list of those that'll have you feeling happy and healthy
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
Will supplementary hormones make you feel better? That depends on how close they come to the real thing
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
Increase your libido, renew your energy, sleep better—the big lesson I learned in my mid 30s that helped bring my feel-good factor back (this is Blog 1 in a series on this topic)
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
Sara Vaughan, Miles Davis, and Enya keep my pooch Pansy from pacing during summer thunderstorms. Could music be just as effective for your nervous system?
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
On a recent trip to San Francisco, I went into a flotation tank, said to be beneficial for creativity, problem solving, and super learning. It was insightful, restful, even a little trippy!
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
A look at how a new governmental system defines us, colors us, and helps us choose a new paradigm of inter-relatedness
BY: Dr. McLean Sheperd
The key to preventing unsightly skin conditions is understanding what I call "the body garden" (hint: what's happening in your mind may be wreaking havoc on your skin and digestive system, too)





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