SKIRT’S LEGAL: Happy 21st Birthday SKIRT! Magazine

The monthly magazine that's all about women celebrated its 21st birthday at The Restoration Hotel



As a local woman and feminist, I have loved reading SKIRT! Magazine since I moved here over 5 years ago. Little did I know about 4 and a half years later, I would be working for them as a fashion and product stylist for the style pages. 




SKIRT! Magazine is a monthly reminder to all of us in the Lowcountry of what great products, services, and people live in this area and how blessed we are to live in a place that has gorgeous beach days, great food, killer events, and unparalled shopping.





SKIRT! Magazine’s first article came out in 1994 and still to this day is a reminder of all of these things that brings in thousands of people a year to the ideal vacation and wedding spot.





Pick up any issue of SKIRT! Magazine and you will see the fabulous articles written by women for women and the local faces, shops, and restaurants we all love and recognize. To celebrate our great city and a unique magazine, SKIRT! rang in it's 21st birthday with a blowout party two weeks ago.





The event took place at The Restoration On King in downtown Charleston with three different levels of laughter, cake, champagne, and love. Yummy birthday cakes were provided by Bad Bitches Charleston, WildFlour Pastry, Gala Desserts, and SabléeTeacups and Trucks decorated the space with fun balloons and party décor.





The party was a blast and we have the photos to prove it!