Run, Don’t Walk

That is, make sure you head on over to the Resy App and make a reservation to new Le Farfalle italian restaurant ASAP.


That is, make sure you head on over to the Resy App and make a reservation to new Le Farfalle italian restaurant ASAP.


I consider my mind completely and happily blown after attending the Resy App launch party, which was strategically held at one of their clients, La Farfalle, who just opened their doors to the Charleston community.



For those of you who haven’t heard just yet…



Resy is a new reservation app similar to that of OpenTable. Resy seems to be a lot more cost-effective than other apps, as it charges only a $99 monthly fee. The app also has the capabilities to create waitlists for reservations if none are available at the time of booking. Once a reservation has been confirmed, the restaurant then is able to transfer those reservations to their seating charts. They are also able to transfer any linked payment to that reservation.


In regard to Le Farfalle…


It was absolutely incredible, which can be said to—staff, the interior design, the atmosphere, the food, and the cocktails.





The sample menu last night included:





I did a survey of roughly five people to see what their top three favorites were. The common denominators of the top items were the chicken liver mousse, sorghum orecchiette, and the buckwheat capunti.



The top dessert was a toss up between the grappa chocolate cake and the buttermilk panna cotta.





The top cocktail was the Vertical Railroad. It was so well-liked that the party attendees drank Le Farfalle out of tequila—evidence that there are a lot more tequila lovers than people enjoy letting on about themselves.






A few notes on the design of restaurant:



The front door location has changed. Leaf had guests enter at the door closest to the parking lot while Le Farfalle has all guests enter through the black patio gate. This was definitely a good decision. You are able to sit on the patio, in the main dining room, at two sides of the bar, or at the incredible marble table top booths located behind the backside of the bar. The space is very open.







What my friend Cassie Odachowski and I enjoyed most in regard to the design was the tile wall leading into the kitchen.





Overall we were so euphorically hooked on all aspects of the event, the food, the drinks, the service, and the design that we went ahead and made use of Resy App. Cassie and I set up a birthday celebration dinner that we felt we absolutely had to do at Le Farfelle after our experience.


Now is the time for you to get on over to Resy App and get on into Le Farfalle to prove me right! I also recommend clearing some memory on your phone prior to going, because you will become one of those diners who take pictures of everything.