Into the Woods

Why not draw inspiration from a single design element? Reclaimed wood is my current go-to for good-looking rooms and just-right juxtapositions (think paneled walls and sleek metal accents)

I talk a lot about how I love to tailor designs around a single piece of inspiration, and reclaimed wood has that kind of star quality. It's worth styling a room around. For ideas, my go-to is Reclaimed DesignWorks’ Charleston showroom—a treasure trove of gorgeous products, like these oak floors treated with their proprietary finishes. I love the smoky color of the piece on the left and the drift wood, whitewashed effect of the piece on the right. Both soften the natural color of the wood without losing the character of the grain and markings.



Lately, it’s the less obvious uses of reclaimed wood in interiors that have been catching my eye. Like these rustic headboards made from old barn siding, sourced by Reclaimed DesignWorks. Love.



Or these reclaimed wood stairs in a rich amber hue.



The Ace Hotel in Portland features a single reclaimed barn board wall behind the beds. The whole effect is serene, and the wood looks cozy without looking busy.



And while purely rustic or industrial spaces certainly come to mind, I think the most compelling reclaimed wood installations are the ones that incorporate the more rustic aesthetic of old wood into cleaner, more contemporary designs. I love this wood paneled wall below as a backdrop for contemporary art and the contrast of the wood with metal accents.



It reminds me of a recent favorite project, a beach house on Isle of Palms. The reclaimed beams and the beachy white oak floors softened the cleaner, more modern feel of the furniture and lighting, helping us to strike a balance that juxtaposed the contemporary with the timeless. 


photo by Peter Frank Edwards


Few things bring that element of character and warmth into a space the way that old wood can!