Here's your chance to win your very own high quality, handmade handbag from local designer and style expert Ayoka Lucas. Get your phones out and your selfie poses ready, the race is on!

As a fashion stylist, there is nothing more gratifying then to work on a stellar project with an amazing team and for a terrific brand, which in this case is Alesya Bags! Ok, so the immaculate pool set up wasn’t so bad either! When filmmaker Jenny Kleiman called me up and said "think Wes Anderson," my initial reaction was "YES" and then bouts of joy flooded my brain! I mean, we are talking about one of the greats in visual stimulation, and if I can have my hand in reinterpreting thiese aesthetics through fashion, then game on! Below is the end result, so you can judge for yourself!

I asked designer and owner, Alesya Opelt, her thoughts on "Summertime X Alesya Bags," and here, she describes this venture…

"The summer campaign was an opportunity to showcase what we all love about warmer weather, that it’s just more fun. The look and feel are the brainchild of Jenny Kleinman and Landon Phillips, and was based on the “Hot Spot and In the Cloud” laptop bags. Ayoka Lucas really brought the vision together with brightly colored fashion that complimented the color pallet. We wanted to highlight a traveling woman, but do it a less traditional, quirky way. Clients are always telling me where they wear their Alesya Bags, so encouraging women to officially share that on Twitter was a natural fit.

This is a bit of a bittersweet moment for me because this will be the last edition of the original Alesya Bag for the foreseeable future. The bag is being redesigned based on client feedback. While it’s terribly exciting, this bag will always be my first baby."

…and this is how you can win your very own:

If you want more bang for your summer…or should I say more bag for your summer then this one’s for you!

StylePublic and Alesya Bags are running a very special giveaway! Why? Because we love you! All you need to do is love us back!

How to win.

Share this feature story and tell us what is your favorite summer getaway.

The winner will receive a Hot Spot Alesya Bag!

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Be a winner! We are rooting for you… yes YOU!

Winner will be announced on June 30, 2014.

Film: Jenny Kleiman
Photog: Landon Neil Phillips
Prop Stylist: Kate Scott Stewart
Stylist: Yours Truly
Style Assistant: Tessa Silvernale
PA: Breanna Leonard