Why I Own Guns

True, I don't need more than a couple of shotguns and a rifle to take down a deer. But then, the 2nd Amendment was never about protecting the right go hunting. Here's the point...

In the wake of Sandy Hook, there are plenty of passionate arguments about guns, gun control, magazine size, and weapon design. I thought I'd at least chime in on why I own guns:
1) I hunt—but in reality that means I only need two shotguns and a rifle
2) Protecting my wife in our home—but in reality, I could do that with the shotguns mentioned above.

So why do I own guns that can wreak havoc from long distance? Why do I own enough guns to ensure I can shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and keep shooting until I have blisters on my hands?

One reason: Because ALL governmental power is delivered via a loaded gun... and to support this reality, the government has given themselves a "monopoly on violence" against the people.


1) If you are suspected of a local crime, the policeman who will come talk to you is carrying a gun. 

2) If you are suspected of tax fraud and you fail to "report in as ordered," the IRS agent who comes to see you will be carrying a gun.

3) If you are suspected of a federal crime, the FBI agent who visits you will be carrying a gun.

4) If you are an Occupy Wall Street type and smoke a little dope in the wrong place, the DEA agent who arrests you will be carrying, well, lots of guns.

5) If you are suspected of counterfeiting, the Treasury agent who visits you will be carrying a gun.

6) If you are suspected of terrorism, the Homeland Security agent who comes to see you will be carrying a gun.
7) If you fail to completely submit to Airport TSA Security you will face a man with a gun. In fact, if you park too long at the passenger pick-up area you will be confronted by a man with a gun.
8) If you gather with friends to exercise your Constitutional Right to peacefully demonstrate for a change, but do so without the proper permit/permission from the government, you will be told to leave by men with guns.
9) If you are hunting and suspected of nothing, the game warden who confronts you will have a gun.
10) If you are on a boat, suspected of nothing, men with guns can stop you and force you to prove you have the correct safety gear.
11) If you are smoking in a no smoking area and refuse to stop when asked, your cigarette will eventually be extinguished by a policeman with a gun.
12) If you are suspected of shooting someone in a parking lot to stop the rape your wife, policemen with guns will take you into custody while they ponder your innocence or guilt.
My wife made a very good point when she said, "Those people need guns." 

She's correct... they need guns to protect themselves from violent criminals. The problem arises when you ask the question, "How often do they use them for protection, and how often do those same guns hang on the holster, reminding perfectly innocent unarmed civilians who's in charge?" If a law enforcement official shows up without a warrant wanting to "ask a few questions," why do you drop everything and comply with their every demand? Because you know they can put you in jail or make your life miserable. Why? They are "the law" and they are armed. Why doesn't the President of your Property Owners Association have the same power? Think about it.

You have, in reality, no rights. They are an illusion. Why? Because we now have a law that covers every aspect of your life, right down to the fact that it's against the law to take your own life. And men with guns enforce every aspect of the law. 

Other than your right to have as many babies as you choose, I submit there is nowhere in this American life where you are completely free. From curbing your dog to building a home to properly parking your car, you never enjoy more than two degrees of separation from a man with a gun who will force you to comply with what our lawmaking Overlords have decided is right and proper.
Here's how many of the above mentioned government gun-toters I trust: Zero.
Here's how many politicians with the power to pass laws that I trust: Zero.
Here's how many governments operate under this exact model: All
Without armed citizens, the only choice is to follow the direct orders of men with guns: criminals and law enforcement alike. No matter how absurd the situation or unjust and cruel the law, the man with a gun is in control of the man with no gun. If a man with a gun tells an unarmed man to dance, the only question is what kind of music the gunman desires. If you doubt this, hold a seance and chat with the poor souls who lived and died under Hitler, Mao, or Stalin.
Me? I agree with almost nothing our ruling class forces down out throats, but I'm no threat to anyone. But there's a vast chasm between me and an unarmed man... as I have the ability to take a stand on my own property and defend myself from laws and men I deem to be cruel, inhuman, unjust, or a clear and present danger to my family.
In short, I have the ability to say, "Make me."
An unarmed man has only the ability to say, "Mother may I?"
Photo credit: WBTW News, Florence Gun Show