Who's Ready to Splurge!? Part 2

Earlier this week you got splurge-worthy inspiration for men. Well, now it's the ladies' turn. Take a browse through this collection of top 10 desirables (LBDs, shoes, and home goods included)...

Earlier this week, I gave you a list of what I thought to be the top 10 menswear items to splurge on. Well, I didn't forget about the ladies—this one's for you!


1. Jil Sander Wool/Cashmere Sweater {$1,590 on sale for $954}



I have always been a fan of Jil Sander's knitwear designs. She knows how to turn something that can easily end up being pretty bland and boring into something fun and quirky. This wool and cashmere blend piece is done in a two-toned yellow color block style that I find to be very clever. You can wear it during these last few months of cold, and, because of its color, you can still get some use out of it during the early spring when temperatures can still flirt in the 60s.



I'm not one for generalities, but it's safe to say that every girl wants something from the store known for their little blue box. This simple yet elegant watch is made from stainless steel and features quartz movement (sorry, this one doesn't sweep). This will work for almost every occasion except maybe a formal event. You may need something a little smaller for that. Nonetheless, this would be a great choice for a splurge purchase. 


3. Chanel Makeup Set and Perfume {$415}



Once a lady finds a makeup brand that works for her, it's hard to get her to switch. But if you’re okay with trying something new, then set your Cover Girl, Maybelline, or even your MAC products to the side for a bit and give Chanel a try. What makes me so confident? Well, while I've never tried their lipstick (for obvious reasons), just about every notable female blogger I keep up with swears by it. Then of course there's the iconic perfume, Chanel No. 5 that has received a massive amount of praise over the years from the likes of celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman. Getting back to the makeup, I'd think the best way to get the full effect of the brand is to wear everything in conjunction with one another. The $415 price tag is for the perfume, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and blush. If it's not for you, then it's not for you. But with a little extra cash on hand, it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.



You would be in your living room doing the rain dance and praying for the opportunity to break it out if you had this in your possession. Trust. Burberry is known, hands down, for their immaculate trench coats. Quick history lesson: They got started in 1856 but it wasn't until 1879 when Thomas Burberry invented "gabardine," a strong, water-resistant fabric that he began to use to make the coats. British military supplied their troops with them and when the war was over and they returned home, it was an instant hit for civilians. The rest was history. 



Full disclosure: this is from the men's section, but you would never be able to tell. You will get a lot of miles out of this. Obviously it will go with your denim and chinos, but because it's so slim (coming in at 1" thick) it's the perfect waist clincher for those shapeless dresses. Coming in at just over a grand, I'd be lying like Lil’ Kim on the witness stand if I said it wasn't expensive, so think of it as an investment. As the years go on and a rich patina starts to form, it will have its very own special character.



This next one is broken up into two parts. I'll start off by saying that just like every guy should own a tuxedo, every lady should have a little black dress in their collection. When the invitation says "formal" or "black tie" this is the dress that you reach for. No thought, worries, or stress. Grab something classy and simple.


Option A: If you don't own one, this one by RED Valentino (the diffusion line of the iconic Italian dressmaker Valentino) is the one for you. It teeters the line of being beautiful and at the same time not so memorable. If you have a plethora of evening events to attend, then you can get away with recycling it a few times before anyone starts to notice.



Option B: If you already have one or a couple black dresses, then it's time to add a show-stopper to the collection. Done in a sparkly chevron pattern with lace sleeves, this one is definitely memorable. I would only pull it out maybe once or twice a year.



Speaking of "formal" and "black tie" occasions, this would be the perfect accessory to go along with it. I'm not really sure on the rules for women's dress code on these occasions, but who cares when you have a clutch as beautiful as this. The hot pink provides a strong contrast to a black dress. In a meticulous pattern of folded leather, this bag packs one heck of a punch.



The Tom Ford pumps with golden lock accents are simply to die for. You will almost certainly be the envy of every girl in the room. And I think these are very versatile. They'll go seamlessly with any color denim, chinos, dresses, obviously, and even shorts. 


9. Gucci Suede Boots {$1,295 on sale for $906}



These heeled boots in a neutral suede gray kind of sneak up on you. They don't really pop.—they almost come off as looking a bit dull. But once you put them with an outfit, you won't be disappointed. The great thing about gray is that it complements every color. These are on sale so there are only a few sizes left. Don't miss out on them. 


10. Hermes Home Goods {$225-$1,800}


Clockwise from top left: Beach Towel, Candle with Porceline Holder, Decorative Pillow, Cashmere Blanket


Clockwise from top left: Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Dessert Plate, Coffee Cup & Saucer


While Hermes is widely known for their scarves and their six-figure Birkin bags, they also make some noise in the home furnishing arena. Many of the world's wealthy (or at least the interior designers they hire) choose to furnish their homes in Hermes furniture. And it's with good reason. Each item is unique, well thought-out, and beautifully constructed. Like this beach towel that's reminiscent of a tiled bathroom floor. Or the plush cashmere blanket. You can even treat your dinner guests to some fancy plate settings. The possibilities are endless. Bed linens, lamps, books, etc. A full range of home items. Pick out something special to throw in your living room. 


As I said in the previous post, you can pick whatever you want from this list, or you can use it as inspiration to get something else. Feel the thrill of purchasing that piece that you've been coveting. I always get a feeling of accomplishment after I shop. Don't stress out over this stuff. Have fun with it. But above all, be smart and don't add debt to yourself.