Where to Watch the Sunset in Charleston

Charleston is known for many things: from history to entertainment, dull is one thing the city is not. Every night, the sun puts on a show over the harbor and lights up the sky for residents to share in awe. Most of us can admit to slyly pulling out our phones to snap the perfect shot. Where is the best place to do that in my opinion (with some help)?

Here are five sweet spots you should check out around town:

Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge

If heights scare you, this may not be your spot... but if you park on the Mt. Pleasant side of the famous bridge you can enjoy a leisurely walk to the middle of the bridge for a view you won’t forget. The amazing structure shows off when the sun sets low.

Sources: Jason Barnett, Southeastern Traveler photographer and blogger agrees.

In 2013, He writes, “I’m used to being the only photographer wherever I go.. But it was a little different while I was walking across the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina. Wonders’ Way is a walking/jogging/biking path on one side of the bridge that allows people to safely cross the Cooper River. I parked at a gas station on the Mt. Pleasant end of the bridge, threw my photography backpack over my shoulder, and started walking.”

He talks more about how he wasn’t alone at the popular, not to mention free, spot, but captured this amazing picture as the sun went down:

Turner Yates & Cat Caroe (photo):

The Vendue

Rooftop bars are probably an automatic first thought for incredible views. Charleston City Paper votes The Vendue as the best rooftop bar for the past 10 years. You can only imagine the "sweeping" sights of Waterfront Park, Ravenel Bridge and the Charleston Harbor (all listed in this post). Perfect place to go if you want to sip on your favorite cocktail while watching the show.

Source: Myself, Trip Advisor (photo) and CVB

Fleet Landing & Waterfront Park

So, as I've said before, not much beats watching the sun set on the harbor. Both these options (going hand-in-hand) are located in the perfect spot to catch the reflections with the salty breeze. Whether it's at a table on the deck at Fleet's Landing with some seafood appetizers or on a (free) stroll through Waterfront Park, you won't be disappointed by the views. 

Source: Myself (photo) and Turner Yates

Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park

Not much like a baseball game paired with some sunset views. Just look over the fence while supporting the local Riverdogs and you have two shows in one!

Source: Sarah Phillips Orr (photo) 

The Battery/Murray Blvd. 

Finally, the one spot where I'm sure every resident in Charleston has experienced or should experience. There's no excuse for this one: free parking, walking distance if you live downtown, and plenty of spots to lounge and watch. Right over by the Coast Guard Base on Murray Blvd is a prime spot. Here are some pictures I took, just last night, to prove it. (6/27/17)

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