When Can Your Man See You Without Makeup?

In the crazy dating game today, women ponder a million things, one of which being when they're allowed to show their significant other their face without any makeup. Well? When IS the right time?

Dating is such a complex human ritual. There is so much stress and frustration involved. "Is he interested? Am I being too forward? When should I call? Are we exclusive?" And the big one for a lot of females, "When should I let him see me without makeup?"


There is a moment of truth in that first glimpse sans-makeup that can be completely terrifying for anyone. Makeup is a self confidence booster for women. That why they wear it, to feel better about presenting their face to the world. A certain level of intimacy must be reached before a man is allowed to see beneath the blush and foundation and mascara. He must gain his woman’s trust before earning the privilege, that’s right, PRIVILEGE, of seeing her without her guard up. Essentially, that’s what makeup is to most women. A guard. A little bit of protection between her and the harsh world we live in where looks matter so much. Just as each woman’s makeup routine is different, each woman trusts differently. Has she been hurt in the past? Add a week or two on to the calendar of trust. Did she ask you out in the first place? You won’t have long to wait. Guys, as long as you prove that you are a man to be trusted, you’ll be graced with her freshly washed visage before you can say “please.”

Savannah is in the confident woman camp (as we all would be with that adorable face). She shares her thoughts on when to let the guard down.

"Many women I know panic at the thought of their boyfriends seeing them without makeup on, and dread the day that they are caught bare faced for the first time. Personally, I have never understood this; I am just as comfortable around my boyfriend with makeup on as I am without it. First impressions are important, but do you want to put up with all of the fanfare of a first impression for upwards of a month? For me, a month is the maximum time limit for a new boyfriend to go without seeing his girlfriend’s actual face. If your new boyfriend was hiding something so simple about himself, such as his facial features, you would be suspicious that he could be hiding something else.

Savannah with no makeup

Don’t lose your man just because he never saw your beautiful face without makeup! The earlier he sees you fresh-faced, the better. For those of you who cannot handle being seen without makeup, go for the bare minimum: put on some tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course!), add a touch of lip gloss, and you will be ready. If he’s worthy to be your boyfriend, he will think you’re beautiful no matter what, so why hide?"

Savannah with makeup

Savannah gets to the heart of another interesting debate. Will he really think you are beautiful, no matter what? The answer to this is a resounding YES! Ok, maybe the makeup perfects you, but that is only on the outside. If you’ve let a man get close enough to you to see your shining, fresh face, he obviously knows what a wonderful person you are. If a little soap and water can take that opinion away from him, he is not worthy. And we give you full permission to post that terrible pic you took of him with barbecue sauce all over his face and shirt. Or maybe just share it with your girlfriends so they don’t waste their time with that pig. Pack up your faithful beauty products and move on!

Stay beautiful, ladies.