What We're Listening to Right Now (Hint: It's Good)

Prepare to love every minute of this. We do.

Editor's Note: Grit Critic Presents shines the spotlight on those making waves in Charleston and beyond. This edition features Atlanta-born singer Blanco Brown who attributes his love of country music to his rural roots by way of his grandmother in Butler, Georgia. Perhaps, best known for his chart-topping hit, The Git Up, he's back with a new album, Honeysuckle & Lightening Bugs, and brand new song, Tn Whiskey, which is precisely why we're listening to him right now.

Brace yourselves, folks. We feel compelled to warn readers when an avalanche is about to hit and Blanco Brown is the equivalent of it. He is to the music world what a dodged hurricane followed by the bluest, prettiest skies with low humidity are to the Lowcountry: a sigh of relief and breath of fresh air. Sure, he shakes things up but in a good way leaving in his wake a musical genre forced to reconcile the mixed-up remnants of crossover possibilities. And when we say genre, we mean country — perhaps, the most restrictive of them all forced into a fast-moving future lacking ties that bind to traditional boundaries and demographics; a new world order, if you will, brought about by, well, staying relevant. We could wax poetic on all the cultural phenomena that exists (and had to exist) in order to lay the groundwork for this incredible artist to break through. Instead, we'll just enjoy him and the good songs he creates with open arms ready for change.

But don't take our word for it. Watch Blanco, himself, talk about his music here for BULL sessions in the Bloodworks Live Studio: what it means to him and what he aims to do with it, which is to instill purpose and joy. Is he kidding? We love him even more. For the record, he has already succeeded in crushing that goal. He smashed it into the next generation of country music and we are here for it. Can't wait for more.