Top Fitness Fashion Faux Pas: Are You Guilty?

Can we all agree to check that there are no private body parts showing the next time we leave the house for a workout? That and 3 other fitness fashion choices that should be outlawed...

Remember to do the bend-over test before buying those yoga pants, ladies. 


Last night I was out on a run and saw something that no one should ever be subjected to while exercising. The poor woman running in front of me was wearing a pair of very short running shorts—sans liner—and every time the wind blew, I caught a glimpse of butt cheek. Entire butt cheek.


I understand it’s hot out there, y'all, and you may feel the need to strip down to the bare minimum of fitness clothing. But bare ass is never okay.


In her defense, I don’t think this woman had any idea her butt was hanging out of her shorts. Which brings up the point that a few inches of margin is never a bad thing. Play it safe and buy a pair a bit longer or a short pair with built-in briefs. When I run the Ravanel bridge, I try to wear my longest, least-billowy pair. There’s quite a gust up there and those drivers on the road don’t need to be distracted by a peep show.


Speaking of bare butts, here a few other fitness fashion faux pas that drive me nuts:


See-through yoga pants. I love Lululemon as much as the next fitness-lovin’ gal, but let’s face it, they brought national attention to the crisis of cheaply-made black yoga pants in this country.


Lulu was not the first or sole offender of the transparent back end. For years, I’ve witnessed my female fitness comrades be drawn in by the cheap price tag on a pair of workout capris at discount stores, only to inadvertently bare it all later while under the fluorescents at the gym.


Ladies, please invest in a quality pair of pants so we don’t have to know the color of your thong. At the very least, do the bend-over test in the dressing room.


Tutus of any kind. Unless you're a professional ballet dancer, I don’t think a tutu has any business in your fitness wardrobe. I’m looking at you 5K racers.


Even if you pair it with pigtails and knee socks…it does not make you look cute and feminine, it makes you look silly.


Besides, since when has running a race been an occasion to look adorable? It is a feat of physical fitness, not a parade. If the race is holiday themed or takes place at Disney World, I give you a pass. But you still wouldn’t catch me in tulle.


Wearing the race shirt on race day. Nothing screams newbie like wearing the race shirt to the actual race. Yes, they give it to you before hand in your race packet, but that does not mean it’s a required uniform. Not only will it make you indistinguishable from the hoards of other newbies wearing their race shirts, it will likely be soaked in sweat in a matter of minutes if it’s the typical cotton screen-print kind. It’s also just not cool…kind of like going to a concert wearing the shirt of the band you’re seeing. Don’t be that guy.



Am I the only one who's irked by these fashion faux pas? Runner's World has a pretty good list of running-specific fashion don'ts. What else did I miss?