Too Close For Missiles, I'm Switching To Guns

The Fighting Lady played hostess to an '80s throwback party with a decidedly best of the best theme. The plaque for alternates is down in the ladies room


I love the movie Top Gun. I do. So when I got the Groupon for a Top Gun-themed party on the flight deck of the Yorktown, I was all in. So last night, a bunch of us broke out the aviators, the shiny eye shadow, and the neon, and took our happy selves straight to Patriot's Point.



Firstly, if you haven't been to the Yorktown on a normal day, you have already missed out. But the Yorktown at sunset with people dressed up Top Gun and '80s style? EPIC.


Jon Shumpert


Some of the attendees were most definitely not even alive when Top Gun came out, and also likely not even alive DURING the '80s, but no matter. The neon, the big hair, the dancercize gear, the aviators, and the white tees with jeans were everywhere. I saw everything from Miami Vice to real live Marine pilots and everyone was having a good time.




Until they stood in the lines for drinks. Which were long. And ridiculous. Like an hour wait and they ran out of beer. And ice.


Beer. And Ice. In July. I wasn't so much annoyed about not being able to get another PBR (class all the way here, folks) as I was the fact that I basically paid ten dollars apiece for them since I never got a chance to use the other ten bucks worth of tickets. It would appear that I am not alone in this frustration if Twitter and Facebook are any indicators.


My friends and I had tons of laughs and tons of photo ops and I took my first and only selfie. I hate selfies, but felt I needed one for some reason last night. Maybe because my hair hasn't been that big in well, ever. Then the hat came out because all my lady friends out there know how totally amazing it is when your long hair is blown around and sticks to your very shiny pink lip gloss. Not.


The weather not only cooperated but put on a show—beautiful red-hued sunset, nice breeze, and no bugs! Overall, it was good. I'm not sure I'd do it again unless the accommodations were guaranteed to be improved, but it was still worth going to. Did any of you guys go? What did you think? Would you buzz the tower again?