The Tents: Charleston Fashion Week. Day 2.

Back with more! The style genius Ayoka Lucas give us her thoughts on the second night of Charleston Fashion Week as a designer, style critic, and even as a mother.

Daily recap of our top fashion moments from ‘The Tents’ at Charleston Fashion Week as seen and snapped by Ayoka Lucas, Founder and Style Director of CFW and StylePublic.

A Mother’s dream! My son Khari’s modeling debut in Featured Designer David Hart’s show. Amazing!

Oh my the dogs are barking! Is it so faux pas for someone of my ‘style status’ to rock a pair of Nike’s on the runway? This may be in my near future! It’s all so worth it! Yesterday the sun came out which was a call to action bringing out loads of style stars and lots of tent hoping at Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week. My favorite moments of the night were Art Institute of Charleston’s show stealing presentation that garnered a standing ovation (the first of the week) and of course the cherry on top was watching my very own baby now man model for Featured Designer David Hart. Here’s a little inside scoop. The shattered eye glasses that the models wore was inspired by a Twilight Zone episode!!! Now that’s my kind of reference! Check out how Day 2 looked from my iPhone to you with love. Fashion Camp continues!

CFW Rockstar Hair and Make Up team and Volunteers fit a Sweetgrass tiara for the Art Institute of Charleston Show!

Standing with accessories designer, Dierdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage as we both wear her newly launched Charleston Rice Beads necklaces! 

Did I mention this is how my day started? Barking Dogs!

When you have legs for days always wear a leggy look! Well done! The hat seals the deal!

The prep and the look! Art Institute of Charleston was the show not to miss of the night! Next generation of innovate designers giving us every interpretation of a sweetgrass basket! Incredible!

Fun interview backstage with designer David Hart!

Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant VIP tent is decked with all you could ever desire and fashion presentations included.

Best part of my night! Mommy and Model (son) moment! Swoon!

"See you at the tents!"