Style Pusher: alice & daisy

Aren't familiar with vintage style broker Kate Stewart or her line alice & daisy? Here's your chance. Learn what's next for this local style star and where to see her goods TOMORROW...

When there is a great fashion presence it can’t be denied. Kate Stewart is what I call a style pusher… taking the current status quo and pushing the envelope, therefore elevating the whole Charleston fashion game. We love this!


She is a broker of vintage style and her brand alice & daisy is sought after for cool and affordable one-of-a-kind finds. You can find select pieces at Serendipity Salon upstairs at 54 1/2 Broad Street where she changes out the racks about every three weeks!



Look for her on Etsy or get to know her in person at the Lowcountry Artist Market happening at the Music Farm tomorrow, July 20th.



«What’s next for Stewart?


alice & daisy, home, which will be an Etsy store delivering vintage objects and treasures for the abode. There is nothing more chic than a good selection of odds & ends!


«Get kitschy!



«A StylePublic fave!