Sorry For Your Loss…But What About ME?

It's All About Me



Did you hear? Dylann Roof’s sister has launched a GoFundMe appeal to help pay for her wedding, cancelled when her brother had the shocking bad taste to interfere with the timing of her wedding with his massacre.



Let’s just all pause a minute and reflect on that.


Now, I do have a certain amount of sympathy for someone who planned an elaborate wedding, only to have the plans trashed at the last minute.


But, laying aside how we in Charleston feel about this particular tragedy, when did brides decide that they deserve the wedding of their dreams despite tragedy, even those of a more garden variety than what happened here? I know Grandma died, but this day is all about me-me-me, so slap on that cummerbund and walk me down the flower-strewn aisle.


Here’s a clue, brides-to-be: the point of the wedding is the marriage, not the wedding. And often, the success of the marriage is in inverse proportion to how showy the wedding is.


I’m not suggesting that this young woman cancel her wedding. But maybe instead of asking for money to put on a show, she ought to ask that, in lieu of wedding gifts, donations be made to help the victims. That would be a wedding to remember. 


UPDATE 1:35 p.m. ET: The GoFundMe page has been removed. Mashable has reached out to GoFundMe to determine if it was removed by the company or the creator.