September 27, 2013

Decide what to be and go be it—that's the theme of this week's BOTW. It's also the theme of this hilarious BatDad video. Trust us... you should watch

This week's Blog of the Week is... Do Better. by Hunter Gardner. The message here is pretty straightforward. It's to do better. To improve thyself. How that's actually accomplished—well, maybe not so straightforward. Maybe it's to eat better and hit the gym so you're in a better mood and thus friendlier toward others. Perhaps it's to volunteer more. Or maybe it's opting to make less money in exchange for doing something cooler—something more worthwhile—from day to day.


And that's why we liked Hunter's approach—we got to take a peek at what "doing better" means for a few twentysomethings across the world. We also liked the Avett Bro's lyric he offered: Decide what to be and go be it. That's some pretty tasty food for weekend thought.


And speaking of deciding what to be and go being it... Check out this guy. We found him over on Grit blogger Evans Craddock's site Everyday Evans. Here's a dude that decided he wanted to be BatDad and went and did it... big time. Balls to the wall. Here he is..