Paint is Boring: The Modern World of Sticker Wallpaper (& More)

If you could have Dukes of Hazzard wallpaper, would you? Take a peek at the trove of hand-drawn, hand-printed, and one-of-a-kind designs from Brooklyn-based design outfit Flat Vernacular

“Paint is boring, pattern is best.” So declares Flat Vernacular. And I agree! From a distance, a bespoke Flat Vernacular sticker wallpaper (yes, as in sticker) looks like a graceful damask. But up close it takes on a totally different life—a wallpaper pattern made entirely of stickers. Thousands of your standard garden- variety dime store stickers (colorful popsicles, hippos, basketballs, butterflies, monster trucks, and puppy dogs) make up these whimsical and elaborate custom installations.



Adorable? Yep. But see them in person and you'll immediately understand just how wonderfully modern what FV's Payton Cosell Turner has achieved... with stickers!


There’s more to FV’s quirky brilliance. Dozens of graphic, colorful wallpapers, all hand-drawn, hand-printed and one of a kind. Peaks and Valleys is printed in red, grey, tan, and peach inks and up close looks like it was drawn expertly with crayon:



Stadium Print’s (left) metallics, neutrals, and neons would make a great single wall installation. Bucall Print (right) is a dreamy pastel layering of ink, pattern, and colors.



And one of my personal favorites, Toile de Derby. What could be better than this Dukes of Hazard-inspired paper? I’m waiting impatiently to install this in my seven-year-old son's bedroom.