May 10, 2013

This post tugged at our heartstrings... plus a round-up of some of our Grit bloggers' best odes to Mom, straight out of the archives

And the Blog of the Week is... Being a Mom by Natalie Mason.


"It means sometimes going days without showering or leaving the house. It means cleaning up more poop and vomit than you could have ever imagined.... It means laughing like you have never laughed before. It means having a love so immense, it sometimes brings you to your knees."


Well said. And in the spirit of Mother's Day this Sunday, Grit gives you five more reasons we love her so, unearthed from our archives. Happy reading:


* She'll ROCK A TUTU in solidarity.



* Her WISE WORDS over morning coffee trump the national noise.




* Her INTENTIONS ARE GOLD, even when her family's behavior is not.


* SHE'LL SET YOU STRAIGHT in a hot minute.